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WELLNESS GURU: Help! I Have Anger Issues

January 20, 2022 16:24 IST
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Wellness expert Roopashree Sharma answers your health queries.

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Dear Reader,

We all take our health for granted. Aren't we always sure we are healthy? But then one day, we get a rude wake-up call and find that we can no longer do so.

Does your health bother you?

Do you want to strengthen your body or your immunity?

Do you have bad skin? Or hair issues?

Is your digestive system giving you trouble?

Or is belly fat your problem?

Mail your queries to wellness expert Roopashree Sharma at (SUBJECT: Roopashree, can you help?) for her advice.


Dear Roopashree,
There is this bad viral going around that has all the symptoms of Omicron.
People in my family and friends have been affected too.
Basically, the symptoms are a high grade fever, cough, bad throat and an itchy nose. And the cough does not go away for a long, long time.
How does one treat something like this since there are no medicines really for a viral?
How can one build immunity against it?
What kind of care should one take when one has the viral in terms of what we eat?
What natural remedies are there to deal with these symptoms?
You will be helping a lot of people with this answer.
Thank you.

Yes, these are testing times for all of us, and the test is not just of our immunity but also our responsibility towards ourselves and towards each other.

Firstly, the responsibility towards one’s self is to stay fit, as a healthy body is our best chance to beat any disease.

Stick to a healthy routine. Exercising ensures the release of toxins and a good respiratory system; eating fresh food maintains gut health and thus provides our body with the required nutrients.

Maintaining this routine is important as it strengthens the body’s immunity.

We should be alert and do immediate home remedies like steam inhalation and throat gargle with warm salt water at the first sight of cold or other any symptoms.

Secondly, the responsibility towards others is to quarantine ourselves, even when we have mild symptoms, to stop the spread.

Dear Roopashree,
I have an anger management problem.
When I get angry, I have no control over what I say or do and I end up hurting the people I love (not physically, but because of what I say).
This is bad for me at work as well. Though I am good at my job, my temper is my downside.
How do I control my anger? Dietwise, is there something I can do? Is there anything I can do that does not involve medication?

You have identified the right direction, that’s half the journey.

As goes the famous saying -- ‘We are what we eat.’

More often than not, our mental reactions are just a symptom of our physical health.

In terms of diet, avoid Rajasic food (too much oil, non-veg, alcohol and spices). Practise deep breathing to process your thoughts and balance any suppressed anger and emotions.

Dealing with anger is a process. You can try this little exercise. During your next phase of anger, just bring your focus to the physical state of your body and see if there are any symptoms like acidity, sinus headache or digestive issues.

If it’s not physical, observe your thought process at the time. Concentrate on your innermost thoughts, write it down and dwell upon it later when you are at peace. Identify any possible pattern/issue and address it.

Dear Roopashree,
I have long work days and stuff to do at home too before and after in terms of looking after my house and my family’s needs.
I am so exhausted when the day ends, but I still struggle to fall asleep at night. Sometimes, I don’t get sleep at all.
Can you share some tips so that I can fall asleep faster?
We are a big family so privacy and space are problems.
Thank you.

Overexertion makes our mind hyperactive and when your mind is in a hyper state, no matter how tired you are physically, you will not get good sleep.

Therefore, you should relax your mind for at least an hour, if not two hours, prior to sleeping. Anything that agitates the mind should be avoided.

Don’t do any major planning or thinking or even reading. No screen time either, whether it is watching TV or browsing through your mobile phone.

As for the physical routine, wash your face and feet with warm water. Always change into fresh and comfortable clothing. Practise 5-10 minutes of deep breathing, yog nidra and Om chanting to calm your mind.

Aroma therapy can be of great help. You can choose from a variety of sleep essential oils/balms.

Please choose reliable brands as artificial fragrances can have the opposite effect and make your mind alert.

Dear Roopashree,
I have a beautiful ajwain plant at home and a ginger plant too.
How can I use the leaves of these plants?

It’s great to have these herbs in your own kitchen garden.

Here are a few ways to use them but also remember that anything in excess can have adverse effects.

Ajwain is good for the stomach. You can use it in green mint chutney, as salad garnish or boil it in tea.

Ginger leaves can also be used for green tea, as they help with indigestion or as a garnish for your salad/soup.

Please note that ginger leaves should be chopped finely as they are a bit chewy.

I am a 51-year-old male and have regular issues with my digestive system, primarily gastric issues.
There are times when my stomach feels bloated like a balloon and I have hyper acidity.
I also feel a burning sensation inside the stomach and had acid reflux once which has resulted in irritation of the throat, which has now become coarse.
When I sleep at night after taking food, I have the sensation of something coming upwards from the stomach towards my throat.
Can you please advise some remedy or solution for these gastric issues in the stomach?
Thank you.
Prakash Bhushan

Reoccurring acidity and strong acid refluxes could be due to many reasons, some of which can become severe if not addressed.

I would recommend that you visit an Ayurvedic practitioner right away and get your tests done as prescribed by the doctor.

Meanwhile, too much acidity can hamper our stomach lining, resulting in ulcers and other severe problems. You need to plan a detox diet and give some relief to your digestive system.

Finish your dinner three, or at least two, hours before you sleep.

Don’t eat spicy/fried food. Have more of alkaline foods like fruits and buttermilk (though not at night).

If you can do a fruit diet once a week, practise it for 2-3 months.

Also, start having jeera (cumin) or saunf (aniseed) water in the morning. 

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Roopashree Sharma, a qualified yoga trainer and naturopathy enthusiast, is the founder of Atharvanlife (external link)

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