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Virtual sex? 5 tips to ensure safety

Last updated on: January 29, 2021 13:00 IST
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Though betrayals, cheating and lies happen in real life too, they can happen more easily online, warns Sybil Shiddell, country manager-India, Gleeden, an extra-marital dating Web site.

How to make virtual sex and dating safe for you

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Virtual sex and dating have never been a simple concept, but it has never been so complicated than it is now, primarily because virtual sex and dating are more popular than ever.

An increasing number of people are engaging in online dating to beat the boredom of their everyday life and breathe some fresh air.

It is a great way for individuals to explore their inner desire and blissfully smile as the relative anonymity of the digital world offers them space where they feel safe and don't put themselves at any kinds of risk.

When we talk about virtual sex, it covers online relationships with sensuous attraction. It could include discussing love, desires, feelings towards each other, or having passionate conversations.

It indicates that during online conversations, private information is constantly being shared over the Internet. And as you can probably suspect, privacy and security can become an issue.

To ensure safe virtual sex and dating, here are some of the tips to take to heart:

1. Don't let your dreamy world take a toll on you

Online dating demands you to be extra cautious because what you are getting indulged in is the world of virtual reality which can be deceiving as well.

While the virtual personality of someone might please you, you never know how they will present themselves in the offline world. Which means you are not experiencing the full spectrum of someone's personality.

This 'edited' state of being can be fake as well. So, be extra sure before you run away with the fantasy that they are the embodiment of perfection!

Though betrayals, cheating and lies happen in real life too, they can happen more easily online.

2. Choose the right tools

Before you plan to move to the next step in your virtual relationship, be sure you choose a platform that ensures extra security.

The app or tool that you use for online dating must be independent, end-to-end encrypted, and should have no scope of third party intervention.

Also, never take a chance if ever you felt the other person exhibits threatening behaviour or gives you the impression that your safety might be at risk.

3. Nothing bad in being a paranoid

Your will matters the most!

If you want to hide your face or any identifiable features while communicating in a video call, do not hesitate in discussing that to your online dating partner.

It is normal if you do not want to reveal your identity to someone you just met or someone you do not know that well while having overwhelming conversations should not be compromised.

Also, make sure to watermark the content that you are sending.

4. No! Nothing in hurry, dear

Of course, you don't want someone else to read the conversations and content you share with your partner.

So, before anything else, make sure your partner's phone is a private gadget which no one else has access to.

If by chance someone uses it, ask your partner to communicate it to you at any cost because whatever content you put out there should never put you at risk.

5. Do not do what you don't wish to

Just because it is online does not mean you will do things that you don't feel comfortable with. The rules are the same!

If you want to be safe during online dating, do not do things that you think might please the other person. After all, it is about you, not them.

Do what makes YOU happy and comfortable.

Also, if someone pressurises you to do something you that do not feel comfortable doing, feel free to end the session immediately.

To be safe while having a good time, make sure to discuss things you are comfortable sharing and doing with your partner and the kind of experience each of you is interested in.

If there are any particular limits that you want to make certain your partner respects, convey it to them.

The more clearly and explicitly you talk about things that are running on your mind, the more likely you will have a great time with your online dating partner in a safe and secured manner.

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