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10 things women SEE in your dating profile

Last updated on: November 03, 2020 16:00 IST
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Don't sound too wanting or greedy in your profile, advises Sybil Shiddell.

What women look in your dating profile

If you have listed yourself on a casual dating site, your looks and sex appeal would be more appealing. Kindly note the image has only been posted for representational purposes. Photograph: Kind courtesy

The gigantic shift in the dating culture is largely dominated by online dating today.

It's wonderful how you can choose your date online from a particular ethnic, social, and professional background.

There are various factors that drive one’s choice while deciding whether to contact a potential partner online.

However, men and women often look for separate things in a dating profile.

If your profile is not interesting and attractive, has multiple listing errors, has description typical for males dating online, you have least chances of meeting someone you like.

Eliminating these mistakes is important to move a step ahead to personal communication.

Follow this simple advice, re-structure your profile to make it standout and you can increase your response rate:

1. Your photo

It is true that profiles with pictures are more likely to get responses than the ones without it because the majority of women out there want to know exactly who it is they are meeting online.

So get yourself clicked in a decent pose which is recognisable, and does not include your favourite bar hostess or your beer buddies.

Make sure the background looks tidy, the photo is well lit, your hair is trimmed and brushed, you are dressed neatly like a light coloured collared shirt, you look friendly, and your face is visible.

If you are still unhappy with the results even after numerous clicks, consider getting a professional portrait.

You do not have to look smoking-hot, but if you can get your photo retouched for minor corrections like an unsightly scar or a receding hairline, it will be much better. Also, use a recent picture only.

If you are dating on an extramarital or discreet dating Web site, the picture should not reveal yourself or details that can disclose your identity.

Use a picture of you that suggests rather than reveal (from the back, a silhouette, a close up of eyes, with hair hiding the face etc...) and save the best profile pics for your private album to share only with whom you trust.

2. Your Potential as a Partner

Today, different online dating sites offer different services -- from casual hook-ups to marriage partners to extra-marital lovers.

If you are using a portal for long term and serious relationships, make sure your profile shows that you are serious, emphasising qualities like trustworthiness and material security.

And if you have listed yourself on a casual dating site, your looks and sex appeal would be more appealing.

3. Avoid Clichés

Make sure your profile sounds optimistic, genuine, intellectually curious and witty rather than funny and cliché.

Everyone dreams of walking on the beach holding hands of their loved ones and drinking wine in front of a roaring fire, but having it as your profile description is such a turn off.

Instead, write something interesting that could be a conversation starter.

When it comes to describing your interests, try to pen down something not so usual like spending time with friends and being outdoors. Rather, be specific.

Where do you spend the majority of your time outdoors? Is it the beach, countryside, or gym?

The ultimate motto is to write something engaging, interesting, and something that the one exploring through your profile wants to learn more about.

4. Decent Sense of Humour

Majority of women like to be around a guy who is fun to be with and not someone who is merely looking to unburden his woes on a date or flaunt his ego.

If your profile sounds witty, humorous and even wacky, it has higher chances to get noticed.

Most women who are smart and independent look for a guy who can give them generally an enjoyable time and a sparkling conversation. However, avoid being politically incorrect or cracking chauvinist jokes.

5. Do Not be the Mysterious Guy

Don't know what drives them to do so but men usually attempt to sound mysterious who are trying to avoid identification. But, why?

If you can put 1,000 times more information on your Facebook or Instagram profile, then why not on the dating profile?

Simply answer all questions listed in the profile and experience how it drastically improves your chances with girls.

6. Your Intentions

Safety is a major concern with women especially when stalking, cheating and harassment is increasing every passing day.

Do not sound too wanting or greedy in your profiling details.

Be as gentle, humane and original as you can.

The details in your profile must show how respectful you are of women and highlight your reliability.

Do not insist on pulling contact details if the other person is not comfortable with it.

7. Do Not Lie

Remember, no lies are allowed. Be as honest as possible although sound positive at the same time.

Do not lie about your height, age, weight or anything about you. Let trust be the foundation of your relationship.

8. Your Intellect

No woman wants to date a guy with zero intellect.

While a high level IQ may not be an important factor at a dating site, most women want to be assured that they will not be bored to death on a date.

Women, usually look for partners with who they can have an interesting conversation or a lively time. So, create a profile that shows you are interested in learning new things and experiences and have an alert mind.

9. Do Not Take Yourself Too Seriously

Don't sound self-obsessed or like you are only interested in yourself.

While filling in the details, try, wherever possible, to inject some humour or at least to appear like you can talk about yourself without sounding self-important.

10. Do Not Make Your Profile an Emotional Baggage

Do not fill your profile with emotional baggage from previous relationships -- divorce, break up or a life threatening disease.

All potential partners are apprehensive about responding to such profiles.

Leave these details for later interactions and discussions when you two get emotionally closer.

After all, on dating sites, everyone is looking for someone who can give them an interesting time and not whine about past experiences.

Create a fun, witty and warm profile that allows women to get to know more about you and make it a genuinely enjoyable experience.

Sybil Shiddell is country manager, Gleeden, a discreet dating Web site.

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