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Best relationship advice: 'Have zero expectations'

February 06, 2020 13:04 IST
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Ahead of Valentine's Day, we'd asked you, dear readers, to tell us about the best and worst relationship advice you got.
Mumbai-based couple Joison Joe Sabu and Nisha Thomas tell us the secret behind the success of their marriage.

Joison and Nisha

IMAGE: Joison Joe Sabu and Nisha Thomas.Photograph: Courtesy Mohit Sawant

Joison Joe Sabu and Nisha Thomas are happily married for three years.

According to Joison, it is important to "respect your partner".

"Respect your partner's needs, wants, space, feelings, time etc."

As for Nisha, it is this: "Have zero expectations (from your partner) and then you'll be able to appreciate the little gestures your partner does for you."

"Drop the sense of entitlement and accept the imperfections to enjoy a perfect relationship."

The couple have also been at the receiving end of random relationship gyaan.

The worst advice Joison received was when people said: "Everything will be okay with time."

"Nothing will be okay unless someone puts in efforts to make things work," he clarifies.

Nisha was told, "Jo tera hai, woh mera hai." (What's his is yours too)

Absolutely not! she corrects.

"Stop thinking you are entitled to everything your partner has and concentrate on fulfilling your own dreams together."


What's the best and worst relationship advice someone gave you?

Did it help you or did it fail? Tell us all about it.

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