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7 things to remember before your first road trip

By Vineet Rajan
November 29, 2019 11:30 IST
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Safety always comes first, followed by fun and adventure, says Vineet Rajan.

Road trip

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There are two types of road trippers -- the first is the impulsive kind where they pack and leave and they plan as they go. The other kind plan every last bit of the trip.

Now if you are the impulsive kind just pick up the bag and go have fun!

If you are the planner kinds, here are seven useful things you must remember while planning your next road trip.

1. Where to go and how to get there

Since you don't like surprises, it is important that you first decide on a destination you want to visit.

You must lay out the plan and route for the entire trip before you start.

Learn everything you need to know about the route like the conditions of the road, traffic conditions, alternative routes to the destination, pit stops, fuel requirements and rest areas.

2. The right vehicle

Decide on the vehicle that will be your companion during the road trip.

Ensure you have all the required documents like insurance, RC book and pollution check.

Check if the vehicle has been serviced recently.

If it’s a car, check the condition of the spare tyre.

Ensure to carry the toolbox; you never know when you might need it.

Do a complete check of the vehicle and get it serviced from a trusted centre before you leave.

If you are riding the bike ensure both the driver and pillion are wearing helmets.

If you are travelling by car, wearing seat belt is a must.

Safety always comes first, followed by fun and adventure.

3. Pack the essentials

Be a smart packer.

If you are traveling on a bike pack everything you need in a single bag and try not to overpack it.

If you are traveling by car you surely would have room for a lot more things.

It is advisable to travel as light as possible and carry only what is absolutely required.

Carry essentials like medicines, food, toiletries, camera, phone chargers and anything else that you feel you would absolutely need.

4. Stick to your budget

It is always a good idea to plan the finances for your trip.

While budgeting for the trip there are things you need to consider like fuel, stay, food and miscellaneous costs.

Also, ensure to set aside some emergency funds to be safe just in case something happens to your vehicle.

You don’t want to find yourself broke during a road trip.

Think responsibly and spend wisely while on a road trip.

5. Plan your activities

Make a note of all the things you want to do during the visit to your chosen destination.

Try to add additional pit stops or places to see to your itinerary.

See how all these places fit on your road journey and plan your journey accordingly.

As far as itineraries are concerned, who better than the regional travel experts to help you curate a road trip of a lifetime.

6. A map for directions

Use a Map app of your choice to help you navigate.

Preferably, assign this task to the one that is not driving.

Looking for directions on the phone while driving, may take your focus off driving which is very risky.

If you are travelling alone, asking the locals is the best way to prevent yourself from getting lost in a new place.

7. Be comfortable

Take periodical breaks while driving.

You need to stop and stretch your hands and legs for a bit while on long road trips.

You don’t want the physical strain of the journey to ruin the rest of your trip.

If you’re tired while driving, make a quick stop, take a nap or handover the wheel to your co-passenger. That way, you will be comfortable and so will the people traveling with you.

Vineet Rajan is co-founder, ScoutMyTrip, a personalised travel planner.

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Vineet Rajan