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The Internet can't get enough of this couple

Last updated on: January 11, 2019 10:30 IST

A phenomenon on social media, this Turkish couple will make you believe in the magic of love.  

Photographs: Courtesy Ayca Ozeker/Instagram

Meet Mesut Ozeker and his wife Ayça from Turkey, who have become Instagram sensations.

While Mesut suffers from glass bone disease, Ayca has scoliosis and growth retardation disease.

25-year-old Ayca is a primary school graduate. A patient with congenital scoliosis, she revealed in an interview that her childhood was spent in hospital corners.

She said: 'I have growth retardation, and I don't grow long. My scoliosis is pressing my belly. I also have a heart condition.

'I've been operated several times on my knees and hips.'

Ayca was to have a heart surgery, but that would have hampered her chances of giving birth. She reveals, 'The doctor wanted to do the surgery, but I wouldn't be a mother. Because they don't allow birth after surgery. That's why I wanted to be a mother first.'

As for Mesut, 36, he had been operated eight times until the age of 18.

'I have hyperactivity,' he said. 'Even as a child I was trying to get out of the way, even though I had a plaster cast. My high school class was on the third floor. Every day I was going up three flights of stairs. So I always went to school 1 hour early.'

Today, the couple have a two-year-old son and they haven't let their physical disabilities come in the way of their life.

A photo from their wedding diary. 

The two met on the Internet about five years ago, and photographer Esra Ozcan decided to recreate their wedding photo shoot.

While the shoot was beautiful, it showcased their romantic side and the world fell head-over-heels in love with them.

Scroll down to take a look at pics from their lives.

Ayca in the kitchen of their home, which has been customised to their requirements.  

'Here is our lounge. My kitchen here is open, yes American kitchen style. But I like this kitchen as I've spent a lot of labour,' she writes.

She loves to bake and is seen here baking potatoes. 

Their photos online have inspired many relationship goals.

The couple that dresses alike, stays together. Ayca and Mesut have raised the bar for sweet posts. 

Ayca is fond of travelling and hopes to see as many countries as possible. Cheers to this superwoman.

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