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This article was first published 4 years ago  » Getahead » AJ from Bengaluru shares pics of her dogs

AJ from Bengaluru shares pics of her dogs

By Rediff Get Ahead
Last updated on: May 20, 2019 13:48 IST
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We asked you to share pics and stories of your furry companions. 
This is what our readers shared. You can share pics of your pets too.

IMAGE: AJ from Bengaluru introduced us to her two 'weirdo' dogs Binto and Poppy. 'I have adopted two strays from my neighborhood, who have their own personalities. For that matter, all the dogs in our neighborhood have their own personalities,' she says. 'Poppy is 7 months old right now,' adds AJ. 'It acts like a teenager. It still needs to recognise its owners and goes after random people. Poppy was born in the month of August to the Brown-Doggos family. We adopted it because I really wanted to train a dog, and Binto is too old.'

IMAGE: 'Binto, I guess, is 3 years old. No record when it was found. Binto is a loyal dog. I’d say its very lazy, but so am I. Binto, like me, hates children and puppies, especially Poppy,' shares AJ.
IMAGE: Sanyog Dwivedi, 31, from Angul in Odisha shared a pic of his pets Goku and Chichi.

IMAGE: Is this what Chichi looks like when he is bored?

IMAGE: Avinash Tele with his pet Milan, who was about to be taken to a kill shelter. 'Luckily we came across him and adopted him in seconds. No matter how bad your day is, once you see him your mood changes instantly. I'm so glad we adopted him,' writes Avinash.

We ask you, dear readers to share pics of your pets.

Write in to with 'My Pet Pic' in the subject line and share your responses along with your NAME, AGE and the place where you LIVE.

Don't forget to tell us your pet's name. We will publish the best entries right here on!

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