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Pet pics: A 12-year-old's story about his dog

By Aarat
May 14, 2019 15:19 IST
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We asked you to share pics and stories of your furry companions. 
This is what 12-year-old Aarat had to share. You can share your story too!

My father inspired me to share my story on

I'm Aarat, a 12-year-old from Jaipur. I study in class 6.

My father told me about various Indian breeds like Lahori, Asal Vanjari, Kasari, Alwari, Sindhi, Tazi and the Rampur Hound.

He always takes me with him on his trips to meet nomads on Sunday.

I enjoy those trips. During one of our visits, we brought home Rommal, a good specimen on the Asal Vanjari breed.

Roomal is very intelligent. He loves to roam outside as he used to go hunting with his previous owner.

Whenever he notices anyone going out, he starts barking. I am always willing to play with Roomal. 

I take him for a walk, but he is always ready to attack other animals.

Roomal has almost no hair on his body. According to my father, the other hairless breed in India is Tazi.

During the trips with my father, I have seen many breeds like Lahori, Kasari, Aseel, Tazi and the Rampur Hound.

I am aware of many native and English breeds too.

We ask you, dear readers to share pics of your pets.

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