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In Pics: 11 days, 11 pookalams

September 14, 2016 17:40 IST
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We'd asked you, dear readers, to share your Onam pics.

HR professional and Nerul resident Anjali Rajesh, 31 celebrated Onam this year with 11 different floral arrangements.

Anjali started making pookalam from Attam (as per Malayalam calender), September 4, 2016.

She continued to make new patterns each day, to follow the tradition.

Take a look at her designs!

Anjali Rajesh

IMAGE: Anjali (left) has been making pookalams every year on Onam, since her childhood.  

Day 1

pookalam pic

IMAGE: Quite an elaborate pookalam, isn't it? Loved the play of colours.

Day 2


IMAGE: On Day 2, Anjali used leaves and petals creatively. 

Day 3


IMAGE: Her love for flowers reflects in these beautiful pookalams she makes. 

Day 4


IMAGE: Surprisingly, she never ran short of ideas and everyday the pookalams looked different. 

Day 5


IMAGE: This pookalam is a fusion of leaves and four different coloured flowers. 

Day 6


IMAGE: This one here is pretty colourful, right? 

Day 7


IMAGE: From Day 7, she began experimenting with the shapes. 

Day 8


IMAGE: As the days passed, the shapes got wackier, like this one. 

Day 9

onam pics

IMAGE: There she's back to the regular circle, but with a twist. 

Day 10


IMAGE: See how she played around with simple geometry in this pookalam!

Day 11

onam pics

IMAGE: And the her last pookalam reminds us of the one she made on Day One. 

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