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In Pics: Heroes in wheelchairs take over the ramp

November 12, 2019 14:46 IST

The 14th Divyang Talent and Fashion Show organised by Mumbai-based NGO Narayan Seva Sansthan was a memorable event with specially-abled artistes walking the ramp.
40 performers including those suffering from autism, cerebral palsy and polio showcased their talents.  

All photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani/

IMAGE: Flaunting his bare chest, wheelchair bound Yogesh Prajapati was all smiles the minute he stepped on stage. 

IMAGE: And even before the audience could take a moment to soak in his infectious vibe, Yogesh flung his body in the air, using the wheelchair as a support. 

IMAGE: When Ahmed Raza, 5, from Rajasthan walked the ramp, he took a break in between to sit down, remove his sandals, wear a pair of sunglasses with the help of his legs and then strap on his footwear again. 

IMAGE: Santosh Kumar took to the ramp with the confidence of a professional model. 

IMAGE: Nothing stopped this specially-abled artist from showcasing her Lavani moves on stage.

IMAGE: Walk like no one's watching seems to be Suraj Kumar Gour's motto.

IMAGE: The artistes kept the audience glue to their seats by making sure that everyone was entertained. This artiste took a 360 degree video of the crowd with his prosthetic hand. 

IMAGE: Some did a handstand...

IMAGE: ...while others took the help of their wheelchairs to strode the ramp. 

IMAGE: They were others like Neha Prajapati who let go of their wheelchairs and attempted to stand up to flaunt their lovely gowns. 

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