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Pix: Have you met our chirpy friends?

March 23, 2019 08:30 IST
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Rediff readers tell us how they are helping sparrows in the city.

Save the sparrows: Rediff readers share pix

Taher Hafizi, 42 from Mazgaon shared this picture of a house sparrow in a pot filled with grains from his balcony. Hafixzi also told us how he's been caring for the sparrows.
'It is my daily ritual to keep grains (kang, bajra and jowar) for my little friends. I have been doing it for many many years now. This act gives me immense satisfaction,' Hafizi wrote. 

Save the sparrows

'It's been a year since I started feeding sparrows in my kitchen gallery. Nowadays 10 to 15 sparrows come every day,' Umesh, 41 from Navi Mumbai shared about this picture. 
'We keep food and water available for them. When they come inside, we leave the windows open and switch off our fans,' 

Save the sparrows

Dr Kiran Vasantappa Mogarkar clicked a sparrow drinking water from a bird feeder made from an old container near Shri Vyankatesh College, Deulgaon Raja in Buldana district, Maharastra.
'Here regular drinking water is provided for animals and birds,' Mogarkar said.

Save the sparrows

Gaurav Khare, 37 from Nainital sent us this picture of a russet sparrow.

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