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Sexting, Voice Notes... HOT Dating Tips

September 07, 2021 13:33 IST
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Phone sex on a day to day basis in addition to exchange of saucy texts will keep the relationship electrifying and make your partner go nuts, notes Ravi Mittal, founder, Quack Quack, an online dating app.

Tips to spice up your virtual dating game

Kindly note the image -- a scene from Love Per Square Foot -- has been posted only for representational purposes.

Dating and maintaining relationships is not easy.

Most couples run out of things to do and wonder whether the flames have extinguished for good.

It is difficult to keep things spicy and going when you are living with them, close to them or even in the same city, let alone when they are in a different city or state altogether.

A virtual relationship not only gives rise to insecurities, jealousy and constant longingness, it also makes the couple wonder about what they should do to keep their relationship spicy and exciting.

Based on responses from our users, here are some interesting tips to keep your virtual relationship alive:

1. Give them surprise gifts

A relationship where you hardly get to see each other does not have to mean that it has to be bereft of surprises too.

A small gift every now and then or getting a souvenir for them from a recent visit to someplace can equally strengthen the bond too.

Not only will it keep the relationship exciting, but it will also show your partner that you think about them and keep them in mind when visiting a store or travelling to a different city or country.

The gifts do not have to be confined to objects that can be kept forever but a pizza or any other food item delivered from their favourite restaurant or fast food place is bound to speak volumes.

If your partner is feeling low and you cannot hold their hands to soothe them, send them a box of biryani and they will fall for you even more.

A moment of celebration can be filled with cupcakes and boxes of chocolates too.

They will not make up for the lack of your presence but they can definitely soften the blow with their sweetness.

2. Plan a virtual date

Who said dates have to be only in person?

Virtual dates can be just as fun and romantic if you want them to!

If you are willing to put in the effort, dress up and set the mood, the sparks will fly no matter what.

So here is what your virtual date can look like:

  • Wear your best outfit for your partner.
    A virtual date does not mean you should stay in your pyjamas and t-shirt. Suit up and be the most seductive version of yourself.
    Wear makeup, style up your hair and let the best bits of your body show for them.
  • Carry a wine or champagne bottle to the table. Ask your partner to carry an alcoholic beverage with them for dinner to the dining tale and do the same.
    Wine during dinner will make you tipsy and make you confess your feelings for them.
  • Make an interesting dish. Pasta is the ultimate dinner date dish, but you can cook anything you like. During the date, describe your food to them as you would on a real date and let not the conversation go downhill just because it is on a screen instead of in real life.
  • Set the mood with lights and sound.
    For this part, you can either dim the lights, light a few scented candles and play some jazz music for a restaurant-like ambience or you can share the screen, watch a movie together and simultaneously let the other person know what you are thinking (about the movie, of course).

3. Do a bit of sexting

This one is crucial as well as cardinal. A virtual relationship might lack physical proximity but it does not have to lack intimacy.

Not being able to touch your partner or get it on can be a bummer so the technology comes to the rescue here.

Phone sex on a day to day basis in addition to exchange of saucy texts will keep the relationship electrifying and make your partner go nuts.

Describe the things you would love to them in detail and wear some hot lingerie too to get in the mood.

Send sexy emojis and ask them what things they would have done to you had they been there.

4. Late night messages and voice notes 

A relationship also consists of finding comfort in somebody's arms, to cuddle them and to be there for them mentally and emotionally.

If you cannot hug your partner in moments of distress or happiness, worry not, you can always send them a long text to console and reassure them or a voice note that expresses your excitement for their moments of joy.

If you know your partner went to bed a bit tense about something in their work life or personal life, make sure to send them a long paragraph text telling them how you are by their side no matter what and how they have the strength to get through it.

If you are missing them and want to give them a little surprise, send a voice message recounting how much they mean to you, everything they have done, what this relationship means to you and how special of a person they are.

These little gestures are instant ways to make them have heart eyes for you.

Similarly, you can ask your partner to send you a voice note if you like to sleep to the sound of their voice and ask them to sing a lullaby that you can listen to every once in a while.

5. Do things together

Start sharing your schedules and then insert activities than both of you can do together.

Video call them during your gym workout session and see who can do more push-ups and pull-ups.

Do grocery shopping after your work and tell them about your dinner plans.

Start a Web series together and then tell them about the character you like, the one you hate, why the plotline sucked in this one and why that one person deserved a better ending than the one they got.

Share your playlist with them and let them know which new songs you are listening to nowadays.

Hell, play online games with them like Ludo and Chutes and Ladder.

You can also make a gift for each other till the next time you meet. You can knit them a sweater or make a painting/piece of art for them that has just yours and their name written all over it.

A collage of all the photos clicked together and memories made will be nothing short of a memory worth cherishing forever.

The activities between you and your partner do not necessarily have to be romantic all the time. A zest of competency and friendship makes it thrilling.

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