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4 TIPS for a PERFECT First Date

July 16, 2021 11:53 IST
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Listen to what they are saying.
Notice their body language.
Be interested in their stories and do not talk just about yourself, advises Ravi Mittal, CEO, Quack Quack, an online dating app.

How to make your first date work

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You have gone through the awkward first few conversations, jumped through the hoops of how to talk to them over the phone and probably video chatted with them plenty of times too.

Now is the time to finally see them in person and you are wondering how it will go, what you should do and you are racking your brain to calm down those nerves, nerves, nerves.

We all want that first date to go perfect, create memories that will last and do something that our date reminisces about later on.   

Dating app QuackQuack recently conducted a survey to understand the expectations and experiences of people who went on their first dates.

According to Ravi Mittal, CEO of QuackQuack, "first dates are special and we all obsess over little things so that they go as planned."

"Sometimes, we can falter with the planning given that we are all humans but what matters is that we go home thinking it was an evening well spent," he added.

Based on responses and suggestions from users, here are a few things to keep in mind while going on your first date:

1. Decide the place beforehand

Almost 52% users recounted their dates turning out bad because the experience with the place left them with a sour taste in their mouth.

"My date was nice, we liked each other but the lighting of the restaurant and the music made me rethink about a second date," said one of the users.

Whether you choose a restaurant or a cafe, make sure that it is someplace you have been before.

It would make the first experience so much nicer if the food is good along with the beverages, the ambiance, and does not hurt the pocket either.

Choose a romantic place instead of a hangout one because the ambience matters.

2. Wear something comfortable

77% of the dating app users agreed that they would like to see their date in something casual such as jeans and a tee rather than formal clothing. 

So yes, the saying 'dress to impress' holds true for first dates.

You should put in effort to look good. At the same time, do not wear anything that makes it difficult for you to sit down or stand up or eat properly.

It is a date, not a job interview. So take a deep breath and wear something that you feel like yourself in.

3. Focus on your date

"I was out with this one guy and he was constantly checking his phone every 2 minutes and didn't look in my eyes or listen to anything I had to say. Worst experience ever. Never saw him again," a user, bittered after the experience.

This advice is the most important one.

Listen to what they are saying, notice their body language, be interested in their stories and do not talk just about yourself.

If they wish to eat something different, don't place their order for them.

If they show signs of discomfort, reflect on what you could have said or done to make them uncomfortable, and if they have a story to tell, pay attention.

Moreover, do not be one of those people who are absorbed in their phone when someone is talking to them or do not check other people out when you are on a date with someone.

These little moves can annoy your date and you might never see them again.

4. Don't boast about yourself 

61% users said that bragging or lying or coming up with false stories was something they all had experienced on their first date. 

If you are meeting someone for the first time, try to avoid bragging about everything you have achieved, your money, how much knowledge you have or what you possess.

Don't go on and on about your car, your house or the number of books you read each month.

These might seem like good ways to make an impression on them but trust us, they backfire. Every single time.

If you are witty and smart, it will show in the way you talk and compose yourself.

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