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7 Tips To Resume Work After WFH

December 22, 2021 11:35 IST
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Set your goals smartly and plan your tasks.
Line up tasks that require physical presence, like meetings or team sessions, for the days you will be working from the office.
Tasks that can be performed in isolation should be left for home, suggests S J Raj, senior vice president, HR operations, Newgen Software.

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Some time in May 2021, a McKinsey report stated how in the 'post-pandemic future of work, nine out of ten organisations will be combining remote and on-site working.’

Considering the risks that COVID-19 and the new Omicron variant poses, most organisations have either already opted or plan to offer a hybrid work model to welcome their employees back to the office in the New Year.

But the important question to ask here is, 'how prepared are employees to return to the office?'

Due to the pandemic, remote working became the norm. And employees learned to balance their office work and household chores.

Now if your job demands you to travel to office a few hours or days in a week, you will have to alter your routine, delegate certain tasks and at the same time deliver what is expected from you.

Here are seven practical tips to make your 'work from home' to 'work from office' transition smooth and help you adjust to the hybrid work model:

1. Devise your 'transition to hybrid setup' plan 

As the famous saying goes, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail.’

It is essential that you make a suitable plan while you switch to the hybrid setup.

Due to the hybrid work model, you will be going to the office for a limited number of days in a week.

This requires you to set your goals smartly and plan your tasks.

You can line up tasks that require physical presence, like meetings or team sessions, for the days you will be working from the office.

Tasks that can be performed in isolation should be left for home.

Such planning can help you exploit this hybrid model to your advantage.

2. Start a new routine

The days of working past midnight and waking up at noon are now over as you would have to reach the office on time.

Adjusting your body clock according to your regular working hours is important at this stage.

A well-planned daily routine not only brings structure and accountability to your day but optimises your performance as well.

You can start by making minor changes to your existing schedule. For instance, you may have to wake up earlier and block time for exercise, meditation, and other recreational activities.

3. Set up your desk to make yourself feel at home 

The workplace is your second home as you spend nearly half of your day and time there.

Stocking up your desk with your favourite things and necessary supplies will give a personal touch to the space.

You can keep a book, picture, water bottle, eatables, or essential accessories like headphones and charger on your workstation.

This will not only help you get comfortable with your workplace but restrict your movement inside the office premises, thereby ensuring workplace safety.

4. Engage with your colleagues 

One of the things we all missed while working remotely was the absence of physical meetings with our colleagues.

Though virtual meetings bridged that gap to a certain extent, they can’t match the value of in-person interactions.

Engage with your colleagues, drive healthy conversations, ask them about their well-being, and let them know how much you are looking forward to working with them in an office environment.

Find time to bond with your team and colleagues by organising interactive sessions and celebrating milestones.

5. Implement lessons learned from working remotely 

While working remotely, we have adopted effective practices such as practical goal-setting, time management, and self-motivation.

You must put to use these learnings in hybrid work as well to maintain productivity and thrive at your job.

You should join meetings on time and stay conscious of your colleagues’ calendars to avoid overlapping schedules and ensure smooth business operations.

6. Learn new skills and upgrade your game 

By regularly coming to the office, you stay in touch with trends and upskill yourself accordingly.

It is essential to upgrade yourself, especially when most business operations have undergone a paradigm shift due to the pandemic.

Identify new areas of learning based on your interests and job profile, and enhance your skill-set.

It will not only help you accommodate to the changing business ecosystem, but also you will be able to accomplish higher goals at work.

7. Follow all Covid-related safeguards 

Offices are opening, but it is crucial to stay alert and act responsibly while working.

Ensuring a safe workplace becomes a shared responsibility for both employers and employees.

Make sure you adhere to local safety guidelines and follow all preventive measures while working from the office.

Practice social distancing and prevent overcrowding in cafeterias, restrooms, and elevators.

Wearing masks, avoiding handshakes, and sanitizing hands frequently will go a long way in keeping you and your colleagues safe.

Making a transition from working remotely to working from the office can be taxing.

However, it is crucial to adapt to the new normal and embrace this change.

The hybrid work model offers new opportunities, provides flexibility, and allows you to leverage the best of both worlds.

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