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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » 7 Jobs In The Metaverse

7 Jobs In The Metaverse

April 20, 2022 10:24 IST
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By 2026, around 25 per cent of the global population may spend at least an hour a day on Metaverse.
This will open the doors for many businesses, the NFTs market will spread, and Web 3.0 will attract more investment.

Metaverse is the next big job market

Kindly note the image has been posted only for representational purposes. Photograph: Kind courtesy Tima Miroshnichenko/

Metaverse is the next big thing breaking the Internet today.

Popularly known as 'Extended Reality' it is the mixture of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

Metaverse is the future of digital transformation in the virtual world.

As per tech research firm Gartner's estimation, by 2026, around 25% of the global population will spend at least an hour a day on Metaverse.

This will open the doors for many businesses, the NFTs market will spread, and Web 3.0 will attract more investment.

Skills like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Distributed Ledger Technology, NFTs, Blockchain, etc will pave the way for future tech enthusiasts.

A few companies that are currently working with metaverse professionals include Infosys, HCL Technologies, HData Systems, Hyperlink Infosystem, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, TCS, Accenture, OneRare, Zippy aND NextMeet.

A lot of start-ups in India are exploring the development and growth of the Metaverse environment.

The average salary in India for a blockchain expert is Rs 650,000 per annum. But Meta Specialists can earn between Rs 1 million to Rs 1.5 million per annum depending on their profile and experience.

If you are a tech professional and want to stay ahead of the curve, here are some career opportunities you need to be aware of:

1. Metaverse Research Scientists

This is one of the top jobs available in the Metaverse space.

A Metaverse Research Scientist will require to develop digital models of the real world where customers and enterprises will meet.

The major part of the work developing around the metaverse requires a lot of research.

In the virtual space, research scientists will develop different scaling instances by employing various technologies and build several actionable insights to develop various solutions.

In order to become a Research Scientist, a candidate needs to have good computer vision, deep learning, digital graphics, sensor fusion skills, C++ and 3D computational photography to name a few.

2. Metaverse Hardware Developer

The development of Metaverse needs certain hardware components also with the software coding.

This includes visual light cameras, headsets, sensors, etc. that will give you the feeling of a virtual world.

A Metaverse hardware builder or developer needs to be skilled to assemble hardware to enable the digital experience for the users.

Professionals will require knowledge and expertise of complex consumer electronic goods and the latest tech.

3. Metaverse Software Engineers

In the Metaverse world, software engineers will also play a great role in managing data and information on a large scale.

These will be useful in AR platforms where they will handle the system data in the virtual space.

Professionals will require to be experts in AI, UI design, NLP (Natural language processing), networking, etc in order to move up the career ladder.

4. Metaverse Planners

This is one of the most challenging processes of every industry -- planning.

A planner has to execute certain ideas to develop the product or to provide a better service.

Metaverse Planners are also required to integrate different functionalities to expand the digital world. These people will be the major driving force behind the Metaverse adoption.

These professionals will need to develop a portfolio of opportunities to deploy different models for the growth of the business. They need to identify the different offers in the market, create roadmaps, develop different business cases, metrics, etc.

Besides management skills, Metaverse planners should be skilled in SaaS, PaaS, marketing and developing business models.

5. Metaverse Cyber Security Expert

In the virtual world, there are great chances of hacking, cyberattacks, NFT thefts, etc.

Hackers can hack the digital avatar of the user and can change the game overall. Thus, a metaverse cyber security expert will need to block cyber threats in real-time with updated protocols and system needs.

These specialists need to be an expert in cyber security skills, programming, and hacking techniques alongside have a technical degree.

6. Metaverse Ecosystem Developers

Developing a virtual ecosystem where all components are interconnected to each other needs much experience and skills.

It will go beyond the assembling of hardware and software systems in the virtual space.

This development will give the Metaverse user to get the virtual items with new experiences.

Lobbying skills and experience in different areas like the government will be an added advantage for these ecosystem developers.

7. NFT Strategist

Metaverse and NFTs (non fungible tokens, a unique unit of data) are a part of Blockchain technology that runs behind them.

These NFT strategists need to develop skills regarding blockchain technology and different Metaverse jobs.

These experts will help to analyse the domain, and industry trends in the market to provide different insights into growth.

The NFT strategist will be involved in developing new NFT concepts, gamification, designs, and models to provide a great user experience.

Blockchain certification skills will be helpful for these strategists to get into a lucrative career.

Apart from these, there are some other Metaverse job profiles such as product managers, blockchain engineers, data scientists, safety managers, etc.

All these profiles require blockchain and coding skills along with expertise in AR, VR technology skills.

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