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Recipe: Fancy Martinis for World Gin Day

June 07, 2024 13:04 IST
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What's life without a great martini, especially in the run-up to World Gin Day. Put your bartending and drama skills to good use and throw together Vikram Ku's impressive concoctions for a live audience of family and friends.

His Baileys Vodka Martini is a combination of Irish cream, coffee with, if preferred, a good dose of vodka.

Rangpur Mogra Martini will have your tastebuds spellbound by its citrusy notes.

Cheers To Love, which is part sweet, part bitter, will bring glee to chocolate lovers.

On his Instagram page, Ku, who works with Diageo India, describes himself as an educator because one of his passions is teaching folks about mixology and types of alcohol.

Photographs: Kind courtesy World Class India/Instagram

Baileys Vodka Martini

Serves: 2


  • 120 ml Baileys Irish Cream liqueur, chilled
  • 60 ml espresso coffee liquid concoction, chilled
  • Splash of vodka, about 25 ml, optional
  • Coffee beans, to garnish
  • 2 martini glasses, chilled
  • Cocktail shaker or a tumbler, chilled


  • Pour the Baileys, vodka and espresso into a shaker and mix until well-combined.
    Pour it into the martini glasses and garnish with the coffee beans.

Rangpur Mogra Martini

Serves: 2


  • 120 ml Tanqueray Rangpur Lime gin
  • 60 ml jasmine syrup 
  • 40 ml lime juice
  • Cherries, to garnish
  • Ice
  • 2 martini glasses
  • Cocktail shaker or tumbler


  • In a shaker combine all the ingredients, except the cherries and shake.
    Pour it into the martini glasses and garnish with the cherries and 1-2 cubes ice.

Cheers To Love

Serves: 2


  • 120 ml whiskey
  • 4 tsp aromatic bitters
  • 4 tsp chocolate bitters
  • 2 sugar cubes, adjust per preference
  • Dark chocolate squares, to garnish
  • Orange peels, to garnish
  • 2 whiskey glasses


  • Add 60 ml whiskey into each glasses.
    Add 2 tsp aromatic bitters and 2 tsp chocolate bitters in each glass.
    Add 1 sugar cube in each glass.
    Mix, garnish each drink with a dark chocolate square and orange peels.

Vikram Ku, a senior executive at the alcoholic beverage company Diageo India works at creating fine drinking experiences.


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