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Do You Know Your Indian Street Food?

February 09, 2024 09:27 IST
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Cheap, gourmet meals packed with colours, spices, vibrancy, variety... Yes, of course, it's Indian street food we are talking about, a cuisine that serves up a mouth-watering experience every time.

India is a goldmine of culinary delights, and it's the country's sprightly food culture that offers the most delectable of stuff.

Take our quiz to see how well versed you are with these delights found in any of the gullies across the country. Good luck and don't drool :)

Please answer each question to move on to the next.

Q1 Where do you most commonly find Ponk Bhel in India?
A. Gujarat
B. Odisha
C. Jharkhand
A. Gujarat
Ponk is the seasonal delicacy that floods the streets of Gujarat during winter months. Ponk, or tender jowar or white millet pearls, are tossed with cucumbers, tomatoes, green chutney, lime juice, chat masala and sev.
Photographs: Mayur Sanap/
Q2 What's the standard filling goes inside Himachali Babru?
A. Green Peas.
B. Black Gram.
C. Red Kidney Beans.
  B. Black Gram
Popular in Himachali households, Babru is a deep-fried whole wheat pastry that's filled with soaked black gram dal. A Babru is typically served hot with veggie curries, chutneys, or pickles.
Q3 What's the Akki Toti of Karnataka made of?
A. Maida
B. Rice flour
C. Gram flour
  B. Rice flour Akki Roti is a soft and fluffy flatbread made with rice flour, veggies and mild spices, and it is one of most loved breakfast recipes in Karnataka. It is best enjoyed with coconut chutney or a mixed veggie curry.
Q4 Potatoes and which other vegetable make for standard filling in West Bengal's Shingara, also known as a Bengali Samosa.
A. Sweet potatoes
B. Beetroot
C. Cauliflower
  C. Cauliflower
Aloo Phulkopir Shingara or Singara is is the Bengali version of the fave samosa. It is a winter specialty available after seasonal produce like cauliflower and green peas arrive in Bengal markets.
Q5 Which one of these ingredients is NOT a part of Kashmir's Noon Chai?
A. Salt
B. Milk
C. Sugar
  C. Sugar
Noon Chai or pink tea is a traditional Kashmiri tea beverage made from special tea leaves, milk, and salt. It is also called as Namkeen Chai thanks to its salty taste.
Q6 There's only Vada Pav in Maharashtra, no such thing called Pav Vada. True or False?
A. Pav Vada is made from saubudana.
B. Pav Vada does not exist.
C. Pav Vada is a version of Vada Pav.
  C. Pav Vada is a version of Vada Pav.
Pav Vada or Ulta Vada Pav is a popular snack in Maharashtra's Nashik district. The twist here is that the vada (potato fritter) is sandwiched between the bun and the whole portion is coated with gram flour paste and deep fried to perfection.
Q7 What is the Dilli's Daulat ki Chaat made of?
A. Milk, Cream, Sugar
B. Egg White, Milk Powder, Jaggery
C. Khoya, Jaggery, Condensed Milk
  A. Milk, Cream, Sugar
This melt-in-your-mouth sweet dish is Delhi's most iconic winter speciality that's made from milk, heavy cream, bura sugar and generous toppings of crumbled khoya, nuts and saffron strands.
Q8 Besides Assam in India, in which other country is Pitha a popular snack?
A. Nepal
B. Myanmar
C. Bangladesh
  C. Bangladesh
Common in Bangladesh and India, Pithas are soft dumplings that are made during the harvest festival in Assam. Small pockets of rice flour are filled with sweetened coconut, and then smoked inside tender bamboo. Besides Assam, Pitha is also famous in West Bengal.
Q9 Uttar Pradesh's famed Ram Ladoo is...?
A. Peanut and Seasame Gajak.
B. Chana and Mung Dal Pakoda.
C. Badam and Mawa Laddoo.
  B. Chana and Mung Dal Pakoda
A popular street food in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, Ram Ladoo is savoury mung dal and chana dal fritters! It is typically served with green chutney, and garnished with radish and onion.
Q10 Kerala's famous Puttu is served with Kadala Curry. What does Kadala Curry consist of?
A. Black Chickpeas
B. Whole Red Lentils
C. Veggies and coconut milk
  A. Black Chickpeas
Kadala curry is made with kala chana or whole Bengal gram. This curried dish of black chickpeas is prepared with onions, green chillies, coconut milk, and spices. It is paired with Puttu or Idiyappam.


Feature Production: Ashish Narsale/

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