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Priyanka Choudhary's Lipstick Tales

December 01, 2022 17:42 IST
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Bigg Boss's Parididi aka Priyanka Chahar Choudhary has an in-your-face approach to dressing. But it's the Jaipur girl's glamorous lipstick range that really catches the eye.

She's got one in every colour and never let's go of an opportunity to complement her outfits with a pretty shade.

IMAGE: Are Priyanka's gulabi lips responsible for Bigg Boss's high TRP ratings?
Photographs: Kind courtesy Priyanka Chahar Choudhary/Instagram


IMAGE: Perfect match: The glossy pink has oodles of company.


IMAGE: Priyanka's vivid lipstick that can be spotted from a mile.


IMAGE: You don't need an occasion to wear that punchy red. 


IMAGE: We won't be surprised if she wore lipstick to bed as well.
She glams up her PJs with a rich brown.


div class="imgcaption">IMAGE: Nude lips.


IMAGE: Not every day is for pinks and browns. Some days are meant for moody purple.


IMAGE: This pic is for those who'd like to know what Priyanka looks like without lipstick.


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