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Pretty Woman Mukti Mohan

June 05, 2023 16:25 IST
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Browsing through Mukti Mohan's Instagram profile without chortling in delight or gasping in ashcharya is a feat.

It isn't entirely wrong to say that the Zara Nachke Dikha 2 winner's wardrobe has an unstoppable, carefree, personality of its own that needs its apna Instagram feed -- The Mukti Jadu Almirah.

Her style is Total Dhamaal to begin with. Quirky with cheery prints. High on energy. Is her wardrobe controlling her or is she driving it? Who is the boss? Zara check karo.

IMAGE: No, don't return this item, Mukti. Cut off the tags and keep it because scarlet is the best rang for athletic chic.
Gyming ain't gotta be a sweaty dowdy interlude in these panelled leggings and floral sports bra.
Throw on a denim jacket to take the look to the street for a little chakkar.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Mukti Mohan/Instagram


IMAGE: Some walls have all the luck...
In wardrobe essentials ideal for a lass living out of a suitcase during a vacay, Mukti dials up the anand when the sun comes out to play.


IMAGE: The dancer and television host lives by her belief 'elegance is an attitude that can't be sustained without grace'.


IMAGE: Dancing smile. Hair that naachos too!
Going short and sweet for summer is fashion wisdom.


IMAGE: Her continuing love for halter-necks reminds us of Miley Cyrus, who owns the halter look.
The youngest of the Mohan sisters gives off the sunniest of fashion jalwas.


IMAGE: 'Blossom every mausam' says Mukti. Okay.
Not hard in that easy breezy dress.
Accessories, makeup: Zero. Hair: Messy pony.


IMAGE: A melon number made for those legggggggs and that hypnotic cleavage.
Btw Mukti, your followers want to know 'peir mein kya phena hain? Makdi ka jaal.'


IMAGE: Pink, it's my new obsession, yeah,Pink, it's not even a question..
Mukti embracing her girly side wins her title of the 'most beautiful girl in the galaxy' from Admirers Inc.


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