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Revealed! What Katy LOVES about India

Last updated on: November 13, 2019 15:50 IST
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'I've always looked at Mumbai as a destination I really want to be at.
'I have heard it's the most fun and it's where arts, culture and entertainment (come together), and Bollywood. I'm excited to indulge in all things Indian.'

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Katy Perry

IMAGE: Katy Perry and Jacqueline Fernandes interact with reporters ahead at a press conference in Mumbai.   Photograph: Kind courtesy Edelman

American singer Katy Perry arrived in Mumbai on Tuesday morning, three days ahead of her performance as the headlining act of the first edition of the OnePlus Music Festival.

The concert will take place on Saturday November 16 at the D Y Patil Sports Stadium in Nerul.

Pop Star Katy Perry arrived in the city for her performance this weekend and says she's excited to indulge in "all things Indian", including discovering shopping streets and partying with Bollywood celebrities.

The Roar hitmaker will perform at the DY Patil Stadium on November 16 as part of the OnePlus Music Festival.

Katy Perry

IMAGE: Jacqueline Fernandes will host the OnePlus Music Festival which Katy Perry will be headlining.

"I'm excited to watch some of the other people performing. I'm totally excited to immerse myself in the culture, this week in Mumbai. I am not the girl who stays indoors and orders room service. I go out, seek the world, I love people, culture, traditions. You're going to catch me on these streets," Perry told reporters.

She was speaking at a special press conference here, where she was joined by actor Jacqueline Fernandez who will play the host at the festival.

Katy Perry

IMAGE: Vikas Agarwal, general manager, OnePlus India, Katy Perry, Devraj Sanyal, managing director and CEO, Universal Music Group, India and South Asia and Jacqueline Fernandez.

When asked if she is keen to collaborate with local artistes, Perry said, "That's what the research and development this week is going to be about. I am going to a fun party, going to meet some Bollywood people and hearing some incredible bands. It's been a long time since I've been here."

This is not her first visit to the country. The "Firework" hitmaker performed at the opening ceremony of Indian Premier League in 2012 in Chennai.

Perry said back then she was just "in and out" and didn't get to discover India, so this time it's all about "immersing and educating myself".

"I am excited to meet anyone interesting, who has a great perspective, care, kindness and empathy for the world and wants to do compassionate artistic thing. That's the kind of people I want to hang out with. I'm sure Jacqueline is definitely going to take me shopping, eating," she added.

Katy Perry

IMAGE: Katy looked pretty in a pink and yellow polka dotted dress which she aptly paired with pink pom pom heels.

The singer said every seven years, every cell in the body rejuvenates, making one a whole different person, "so I'm a whole different human, here in Mumbai, India."

"I've always wanted to come to Mumbai. I went to a couple of places seven years ago, did a cricket match, had some fun in Rajasthan at one point in my life. But I've always looked at Mumbai as a destination I really want to be at.

"I have heard it's the most fun and it's where arts, culture and entertainment (come together), and Bollywood. I'm excited to indulge in all things Indian," she added.

Watch Katy talk about the things she wants to do in India.


Katy Perry

IMAGE: Katy Perry is clearly excited to be back in India after seven years. She had kick-started the Indian Premier League in Chennai in 2012.

At the festival, international pop star Dua Lipa will also be performing and Perry, 35, said she's excited for that as well.

"I've created a little bit of a special show. I am not touring right now and doing very few shows but I decided that this show was one of the most important shows of the year because of just the fact that I always wanted to go to Mumbai. I hear my Indian fans so passionately on social media. So this one checks all the boxes...

"It is difficult sometimes to bring a big production over here. That's why most people don't add places on their tours because the production is hard to bring, you've to change everything. I really wanted to come back to India, and I knew I was going to be in good hands with One Plus," she added.

How does Katy stay so happy and positive? Do watch the video to find out!



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