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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » Kavya, Nia, Giorgia Kick Off The Party In Red

Kavya, Nia, Giorgia Kick Off The Party In Red

February 21, 2023 10:14 IST
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Sexy Red Dressing can never be a bad idea, even if Valentine's Day long gone by. 

It's a passionate colour. A confident colour. A hot colour.

The colour of love, red and scarlet are ever romantic like blowing a kiss to the world.

It's the one hue that radiates electric razzmatazz in monochrome.

The chirpy, vivacious rang can splash so much joy into your wardrobe, letting you soak up all the attention at every party.

Research has unearthed that women wearing red are more appealing to men. Hmm!

So wear your Red Badge of Courage and be the traffic stopper at the next big do.... Don't Stop Living In The Red!

IMAGE: Lal Ka Dum: Yogita Bihani is too hot to trot in a faux red leather number that will sear and scar your eyeballs.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Yogita Bihani/Instagram


IMAGE: You don't need high-falutin' research on the 'red dress effect' to establish how attractive a woman in red can be to a man.
Nia Sharma works a siren red look faultlessly. Garam, garam, garam.
Did we need to study the Theory of Colour to realise how primary a shade red is?
Photograph: Kind courtesy Nia Sharma/Instagram


IMAGE: All eyes on you, strong>Sonnalli Sehgal-- she's a Laal Kaptaan!
The dazzling, sequin-sprinkled dress is too fierce to handle.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sonnalli Sehgal/Instagram


IMAGE: Red, as per scientists, has a 'dominant wavelength of approximately 625-740 nanometres'.
That several damned nanometres too many for our poor grey cells when Kavya Thapar dolls up in it.
The one shoulder top and hot scarlet pants are compelling enough to make you want to look again.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Kavya Thapar/Instagram


IMAGE: How exactly does this smouldering red outfit continue on is plenty intriguing.
Does it end just below the waist like a mini?
Or does it flow onwards in a river of red to floor as a gown with a bunch of slits or, dare we imagine, a line of arresting cut-outs?
Anjini Dhawan's bathroom selfie raises many question marks for sure.
Please do stand up, Anjini, before our curiosity kills us.
P.S. Fans felt she shared an uncanny resemblance to American actor Zendaya.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Anjini Dhawan/Instagram


IMAGE: Laal laal honthon pe goree kisaka naam hai?
Red lips. Red blazer. Very brief white shorts. Lacy cropped top. Perfect.
There are a million ways to wear red, but Khushalii Kumar elevates pristine white separates with a red blazer like a baaaawse!
Photograph: Kind courtesy Khushalii Kumar/Instagram


IMAGE: Ah signorina, we totally ti amo you in that one-in-a-million floral top.
Bollywood actor Giorgia Andriani pairs it with low-waist denims for her day out in Dubai and we bet even the haughty Burj Khalifa will bend down to have a look at her.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Giorgia Andriani/Instagram


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