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Looking for A Job? CV Not Shortlisted? Ask rediffGURUS

Last updated on: February 28, 2024 15:29 IST
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Do a swot analysis on your skills. This will help you identify your strengths and what you are passionate about and see if it aligns with your career goals. Keep enhancing your skills, advises rediffGURU Ashwini Dasgupta.

  • You can post your career-related questions to rediffGURU Ashwini Dasgupta HERE.

Looking for a job?

Illustration: Dominic Xavier/

Are you unhappy at work?

Looking for a dream job?

Do you need expert advice on how to improve your CV and prepare yourself for a job interview?

rediffGURU Ashwini Dasgupta is a personality development coach and a neuro-linguistic programming trainer.

She has 15 years of experience training corporate professionals and has worked at Amazon, JP Morgan, Nomura and Satyam among others.

As a career coach, Ashwini specialises in helping growth-minded IT corporate managers develop their self-worth and create the right mindset so that they can achieve their career goals.

  • You can post your career-related questions to rediffGURU Ashwini Dasgupta HERE.

Anonymous: Hey Ashwini, I am a 25 year old with total 1 year of experience. I did BTech, got a job but as the salary wasn't much, my family suggested to go for MBA.
I completed MBA from Tier-3 college. Now I am getting a sales job with a salary of Rs 10-15k.
I took one year gap to learn data analysis and developed a few real time projects. I am still not getting shortlisted for the right role.
What to do? I am confused and depressed. 

A few aspects you may look at:

  • Self Reflection: Do a swot analysis on your skills. This will help you identify your strengths and what you are passionate about and see if it aligns with your career goals.
  • Networking: Optimise the LinkedIn platform. Join groups, connect with people.
  • Mention on your LinkedIn profile that you are open for jobs.
  • Visit Web sites like Glassdoor which will help you give insights on various organisations' salary bands and culture. This can be a reference point to start your job hunt. In the meantime, keep enhancing your skills.
  • Take up freelancing work/ contract work.
  • Shortlist companies you want to work with. Rework on your job search strategy.
  • Seek help from recruitment agencies; they are connected with almost every organisation.
  • Prepare for interviews so you can give your best.
  • Attend job fair and events.
  • Reach out to HRs of various companies on LinkedIn.

I hope this helps.


Anonymous: Hi mam I need you help regarding my job.
Actually I am working as an IT administrator handling IT support management, work infra and data centre along with other services.
I have sent my resume to the HR for the post of Assistant IT manager or IT manager but I am not getting good replies or calls.
I received some feedback from a few people that I need a few more technical details.
Can you pls guide for the same?
What to do and what to write more and point must need to be added. Please describe. Thanks.

These are a few aspects to relook at:

  • Keep the resume very precise and concise.
  • Take help of resume builders. They are many in the market for free.
  • Use action words in the resume like directed, managed, implemented, etc.
  • Highlight soft skills like decision making, collaboration, etc. Only highlighting technical aspect may not help. Nowadays organisations look at a holistic approach; this is the combination of soft skills and technical skills.
  • If applicable, mention about vendor management experience.
  • Tailor your resume as per the organisations and job descriptions.
  • Call out key achievements, certifications.
  • Keep enhancing your skills.
  • Keep networking and maintain an online presence.

I hope this helps.


Anonymous: Hi. I'm a top management professional with the experience of working as a business head and the CEO in my previous organisations.
I have experience in multi industries, predominantly in FMCG sector.
After leaving the job before Covid, I got selected for a couple of opportunities abroad only to be cancelled due to grounded flights.
After that, I am finding it slightly tougher to find those kind of jobs.
The long layoff has resulted in poor financial conditions too that I cannot start my own business.
What do you suggest?

Please consider few of these suggestions:

  • Networking and industry events: Leverage your networking past and current. Attend workshops related to similar industries; this will give you insights about the market and trends.
  • Build your online presence and showcase your skills and experience. Actively engage in industry discussions and demonstrate your experiences and expertise in the FMCG sector.
  • Take up consulting, contract or freelance work.
  • Enhance your skills by taking up relevant courses and certifications.
  • Reach out to executive search firms who can guide and help you in getting the job.
  • Also, look for global platforms where you can connect with industry experts, especially those that cater to senior roles.
  • Financial Planning: Given the financial constraint, you may want to reconsider and create a realistic plan.
  • Look for mentorship and guidance within the industry -- people who can help you understand how the markets are trending and they can help you navigate with their experiences.
  • Importantly, have patience and be self-motivated.

All the best.

  • You can post your career-related questions to rediffGURU Ashwini Dasgupta HERE.

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