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6 Jobs That Can Get A Six-Figure Salary

Last updated on: February 15, 2024 13:37 IST
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Nikhil Anand, senior vice president, operations, at NLB Services explains why professionals who are adept at data, cloud computing and cybersecurity will earn well in 2024.

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As the IT sector gears up to meet the projected hiring growth of close to 10 to 12 per cent in 2024, certain technology skills will continue to command the higher end of the paycheck.

These emerging technologies, which are not limited to the IT industry, are being harnessed across essentially non-tech sectors to create adaptability, agility and disruption.

As the digital transformation goals for enterprises get increasingly ambitious, they find skill gaps they need to fill.

With reports suggesting that only about 45 per cent of graduate job seekers are deemed employable in the IT industry, candidates with the right skill sets will be highly sought after.

Moreover, the thriving GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council, comprising Arab nations) market will create a demand for niche technology skills.

These are the top six technology skills that can help candidates earn a six-figure salary:

1. Cybersecurity

Besides opportunities, the challenges digital transformation unleashes must be addressed with urgency.

To steer clear of cyber threats, businesses are investing big bucks in designing and implementing secure networks.

Cybersecurity engineers are responsible for testing and supervising these security systems, protecting their organisations and clients from cyber attacks, online risks, cyber criminals and more.

A combination of the requisite technical degrees and behavioural skills like critical thinking, analytical skills, problem-solving, etc, is indispensable for cybersecurity professionals seeking to earn a weighty paycheck.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning experts, business intelligence experts, AI engineers, etc, are at the forefront of the AI revolution that is unfolding at a never-seen-before magnitude.

Innovations in automation and GenAI are compelling businesses to invest in qualified AI professionals.

Professionals with SQL experience and programming knowledge in languages such as C++, Python, Java, etc, will be in high demand to lead the automation goals that have become a mainstay for forward-looking companies. 

3. Blockchain Development

From cryptocurrency to NFTs, blockchain is the backbone of some of the most striking innovations of our time.

A decentralised database allows autonomy and accountability within organisations, making this technology a hot cake in the digitalisation landscape.

With non-tech brands such as retail, fashion, entertainment and more showing more and more interest in the metaverse, the demand for professionals with blockchain development skills is expected to shoot up. 

4. Cloud Computing

A strong knowledge of HTML, big data, data security and project management, along with fundamental business concepts, can go a long way for professionals seeking a high-paying career as cloud engineers.

Cloud engineers are responsible for a wide variety of service offerings including SaaS, IaaS and PaaS.

Cloud computing allows organisations to easily diversify their portfolio and manage high volumes of data.

The dependence on cloud infrastructure is becoming ubiquitous across industries, making it a promising professional choice for technology aspirants. 

5. Web Development 

Applicable and useful to businesses across the board, web developers contribute immensely to a brand's identity, visibility, credibility, sales, cost optimisation and much more.

Candidates up-to-speed in full stack development, web coding, UI development, front-end development, back-end development and so on will be wooed by businesses from almost every sector.

6. Data Analytics

Data scientists and data analysts play a critical role in aiding business stakeholders exponentially in the decision-making process.

Proficiency in data cleaning, data visualisation, SQL and NoSQL (database storage options), MATLAB, etc, is needed by employers to strengthen their data interpretation and data communication prowess.

As structured and unstructured data become a key point of focus for businesses, data professionals will continue raking in a lucrative salary in the foreseeable future.

  • Career-related queries? Ask rediffGURUS HERE.
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