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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » Know More About Data Privacy Jobs

Know More About Data Privacy Jobs

By Sourabh Lele
January 06, 2023 14:24 IST
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Data privacy as a career option is gaining ground with thousands of open job positions, swelling salaries, and rising compliance requirements across the globe, finds a report by data privacy and cybersecurity provider Tsaaro.

According to the report, both legal or compliance and technical privacy roles at enterprises were understaffed, and the issue has worsened since last year.

A total of 137 countries across the world have enacted data protection-related legislation, leading to a growth in available job positions across sectors.

The report is based on a survey of 500 respondents working in technical roles related to data privacy.

While businesses and professionals have already embraced privacy, there is still a knowledge gap in this area, the study said.

"With people progressively migrating online, data privacy is frequently a major concern when adopting new technologies, and so is the demand for professionals to resolve such constraints," said Akarsh Singh, co-founder and CEO, Tsaaro.

119,000 available listings on LinkedIn for data privacy employment.

85,000 O]open data privacy positions on the employment Web site Glassdoor.

30% growth in new data privacy jobs last year.

41% respondents said lack of competent resources was the biggest challenge in forming a privacy programme.

90% of the survey audience think job opportunities in the field of privacy will grow exponentially.

137 of 194 countries have data protection legislation in place.

Average job profile satisfaction rated by employees stood at 7.44 on the range of 10.

24% of the respondents rated their job satisfaction at 10, the highest; 12% rated satisfaction at lowest, which was 4.

Salaries for data protection jobs

33% of the survey takers had a salary of up to Rs 600,000 per annum.

26% earn between Rs 600,000 and Rs 1,200,000 a year.

26% of the respondents have annual salaries ranging Rs 1,200,000-Rs 1,800,000.

15% of them had an annual package of Rs 1,800,000 per annum.

Privacy professionals saw an increase of 22% in compensation.

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