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Lovely Beaches: Arambol, Shirgaon, Hedvi, Shivrajpur...

January 17, 2024 12:20 IST
Get Rediff News in your Inbox: Readers Suhas Aher, Bhuvansingh Mehta and Deepak Verma share their beach pictures.

You can send us your best beach pictures too. How? Just check the end of this feature.

Dear Reader,

We asked you to share your best Indian beach pictures with us and your mails are pouring in.

Mumbai's Suhas Aher's pictures of Arambol beach in Goa and Shirgaon beach in Maharashtra make us want to plan our next holiday there.

Arambol beach

IMAGE: Goa's Arambol beach. Photographs: Kind courtesy Suhas Aher


Arambol beach

IMAGE: Another view of Arambol beach.


Shirgaon beach

IMAGE: Shirgaon beach.


Mumbai's amazing coastline

IMAGE: When you see Mumbai's coastline from the sky...

Bhuvansingh Mehta, also from Mumbai, visited Maharashtra's Hedvi beach.

"A serene and unexplored beach in the Konkan," he says, "untouched and visited by few people."

He likes "the stillness it provides, the beautiful sunset and the roaring sea."

The "small backwater" is an added attraction.

Hedvi beach

IMAGE: Footprints on the sands of Hedvi beach... Photographs: Kind courtesy Bhuvansingh Mehta.


Hedvi beach

IMAGE: Look at what he spotted trying to hide in the sand.

Deepak Verma recommends Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka, Gujarat.

"The beach," he says, "is so clean. I visited it in May 2023."

Shivrajpur beach

Calling for your Best Beach Pictures!

Do you have a photograph that perfectly captures the beauty of one of India's finest beaches? Share it with the world.

Simply send in your photograph (original photos only) to with the subject 'My beach pic', along with your name, the name of the place and a short description of the photograph, when you visited and what you liked most about its beach and we'll feature the best pics.

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