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India's Amazing Beaches: Majali, Cola, Malpe...

Last updated on: January 12, 2024 13:08 IST
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You can send us your best beach pictures too. How? Just check the end of this feature.

Dear Reader,

We asked you to share your best Indian beach pictures with us and your mails are pouring in.

During a recent visit to Karwar, Subrahmanya Manippadi visited Majali beach, which is located close to the Karnataka and Goa border.

Majali beach has white sands, says Subrahmanya, "and you will see boats of fishermen parked all along the beach.

"Kids from this community play beach cricket in the evening.

"There are rocks on one side of the beach giving a vibrant view during sunset."

Majali beach

Photographs: Kind courtesy Subrahmanya Manippadi


Majali beach


Sarathi Dey recommends Goa's Cola Beach Lagoon.

"This is a relatively unexplored south Goa beach. It offers kayaking facility at the lagoon where the water is crystal clear.

"You can enjoy both sea and sweet water bathing here," says Sarathi.

Cola beach

Photographs: Kind courtesy Sarathi Dey


Cola beach


Rajagopal N Janakiraman visited Malpe beach in September 2017 and this is what he has to say.

"Malpe is a clean beach. It is just six kilometres from Udupi.

"Tourists who visit Udupi for Lord Krishna's darshan (at the Udupi Sri Krishna Matha) can spend few hours and enjoy the beauty of Malpe beach.

"I have also shared a picture of the Mahatma Gandhi statue at the beach."

Malpe beach

Photographs: Kind courtesy Rajagopal N Janakiraman


Malpe beach


Calling for your Best Beach Pictures!

Do you have a photograph that perfectly captures the beauty of one of India's finest beaches? Share it with the world.

Simply send in your photograph (original photos only) to with the subject 'My beach pic', along with your name, the name of the place and a short description of the photograph, when you visited and what you liked most about its beach and we'll feature the best pics.

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