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India Shines At New York Fashion Week

By Rediff Get Ahead
February 23, 2022 08:51 IST
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Inspired by Indian art and culture, the Indian Fashion Trunk, a collection created in collaboration with INIFD and the London School of Trends, was showcased at New York Fashion Week.

Please click on the images for a better look at the stunning silhouettes.

IMAGE: Rogan painting, an art of cloth printing practiced in Gujarat, added a spark of joy to this flowy silhouette.
The designers used the century-old art form as inspiration to create the casual top.
All photographs: Kind courtesy INIFD


IMAGE: This dramatic yellow dress embellished with applique work derives inspiration from the muldhara chakra.
The triangles and the dots represent Lord Shiva and Shakti or Devi, respectively.


IMAGE: This look is part of a collection that blends three traditional art forms from across the world including Kashmir's kashida embroidery, smocking from England and Japan's tanaka art.
The play of fabrics and colours provide a beautiful, modern approach.
The designers hoped to showcase how three diverse techniques, each beautiful in its own way, can be woven together to create something extraordinary.


IMAGE: A beautiful teal gown inspired by Disney characters Cruella and Maleficent.
The inspiration is evident in the corset, shoulder pads, and flowing silhouette that's enhanced with zardozi embroidery.


IMAGE: This garment brings together Indian crafts and a Western sensibilities.
Embellished with blue and white beads and glass pipes, this gown is a perfect fit for evening wear.
Inspired by the Blue Mountains, this look is dramatic yet wearable.

IMAGE: Based on Rajasthan's gota patti work, this simple, elegant garment also features elements of puppetry.
Kardana, hand-painting, bead work and embroidery is used to create the motifs.


IMAGE: This beautiful coat is decorated in kashida, one of the oldest forms of embroidery that originated in Jammu and Kashmir.
It is an example of how an overcoat can elevate an otherwise plain silk dress.


IMAGE: This khadi dress is designed with traditional methods of block printing.





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