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IN PIX: First time voters step out in style

Last updated on: October 21, 2019 14:32 IST
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We'd asked you, dear readers, especially first time voters, to share your election day selfies.
Here are some interesting responses we received from you. Do share yours too!

Vedant Kotian

IMAGE: Vedant Kotian shows his inked finger. Photograph: Hitesh Harisinghani/

Vedant Kotian, 19 is a college student from Mumbai. He voted for the first time in the ongoing Maharashtra Assembly elections.

Vedant, a huge Marvel fan, wore his favourite Black Panther t-shirt and jeans to make his voting memorable.

He had mixed emotions while casting his vote.

He's not much into politics but exercising his right was something he wanted to do.

"My overall experience was good, there wasn't a long queue as everything was systematically organised," he told Hitesh Harisinghani/ 

Saurabh Raikar with his parents Sandeep and Sneha Raikar

IMAGE: Saurabh Raikar flaunts his inked finger along with his parents Sandeep and Sneha Raikar. Photograph: Saurabh Raikar

Saurabh Raikar from Thane, Mumbai also cast his vote for the first time this year.

He voted in the Lok Sabha elections and the Assembly Elections held Monday.

"Since it was hot, I wore a regular tee and comfortable pants," Saurabh told

Sharing a proud selfie with his parents Sandeep and Sneha Raikar, he said: "I was excited and a bit nervous as it was my first time."

"The best thing about this was that everything was available online and I registered myself as well as my parents through online registration only which was very easy/"

"Voting booth was also close by according to my address but it took time to understand the exact room in which I was allocated."

"Overall it was a great experience to vote for the first time and also to showoff the index finger."

Mandar Kandalgaonkar with his mother Swati Kandalgaonkar

IMAGE: Mandar Kandalgaonkar, 23 with his mother Swati Kandalgaonkar, 50 after casting his vote in the Assembly elections held in Maharashtra. Photograph: Mandar Kandalgaonkar

Mandar Kandalgaonkar, 23 from Mulund, Mumbai wore a casual blue shirt and denims to his first vote.

He says: "I was super excited and bit nervous as it was my first time for voting."

"My voting booth was in Mulund and surprisingly it was my college"

"It actually took me back to the time when we voted for Committee elections in college."

"I went with my mom and everything went smooth because of the online support provided to us."

"It feels amazing to vote and have a voice to choose our leaders."

"It actually makes one feel that we do have a say in who will lead us towards a brighter future."

"Finally I have that picture with inked finger and I hope my vote counts!"


Dear readers, did you vote for the first time this year?

Where are you from and where did you cast your vote?

Most important, what were you wearing? Tell us about your election style!

Were you dressed in a formal shirt and trousers? Or did you pick a crisp cotton shirt/kurta?

Girls, did you wear a sari/kurti? Or did you step out in denims and tee?

Were you nervous? Excited?

We want you to take a selfie with your inked finger and tell us about your election day style!

Simply write in to (subject: My Election Day Style) along with your NAME, AGE and LOCATION, if possible. We will feature the best responses right here on

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