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My Election Style! Share your pics, we'll publish it

Last updated on: April 23, 2019 08:47 IST

Elections are here and we want to know what you wore when you cast your vote!

Rediff readers shared their pics. You can share your pics too!

Manish rocked the cool blue trend. 

Ashish Mukim, 43, from Jalna wore his company uniform to the polling booth. He got his swag on with those cool shades.

Priyanka and Lokesh Jain wore their patriotism on their sleeves. 'Celebrating democracy,' they wrote along with the pic.

70-year-old Harshad Thaker flaunted his casual-cool style.

'Hum do aur humare do votes,' writes Milind Kapale who shared this pic.

It is an all-white look for Rajesh Mahajan.

After you vote, share your picture with us.

You can mail it to, with 'My Election Day Style' in the subject line. Don't forget to mention your NAME, AGE and WHERE YOU LIVE. 

And do tell us what you feel is special about your look. We will publish the best pix and posts on

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