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How yoga helped Ira Dubey stay fit

By Rediff Get Ahead
Last updated on: December 08, 2020 16:07 IST
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Photographs: Kind courtesy Ira Dubey

Ira Dubey has a passion for yoga and it has remained a part of her fitness routine.

The actor is in incredible shape and her Instagram pics are all the proof one needs.

Crediting yoga as a healthy part of her lifestyle, she says, 'Yoga is a great way to workout.'

'It probably is the best holistic thing there is. I can't stress on it enough.'

Ira Dubey

IMAGE: Ira does chakrasana (back bend).

Ira is committed to yoga and has never taken a break from it even during the lockdown.

'It's been some time since we have been in the lockdown and I have practiced yoga almost everyday,' she reveals.

Yoga has helped her 'replenish all her energy'.

'I have been a firm believer that yoga is for those who want fitness, balance and strength in the long run.'

'It opens up all the joints and if done right your immunity gets a massive overhaul.'

For Ira, yoga 'is simply the best thing that's happened this year'.

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