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Hina's Style For Women Who Think Pink

March 08, 2023 09:42 IST
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Fun, happy-go-lucky girls favour the Colour Pink.

It's pretty. Girly. Happy. Whimsical. Playful. Romantic.

Gulabi is rebellious.

Rose pink is saccharine sweet.

Unmistakably feminine Barbie pink may be empowering.

Bubblegum pink, which can be spotted a mile away, has a phenomenal draw.

Whichever shade of pink you choose, you will be a la mode.

On International Women's Day, Hina Khan demonstrates how to think pink and win hearts.

IMAGE: Look on the pink side of life: In swirling, twirling, flirting pink, Hina daintily pirouettes into our hearts in a flowing cotton dress.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Hina Khan/Instagram


IMAGE: As delectable as a gulkand sandesh, she blooms and exudes glee wearing a backless tie-dye dress.


IMAGE: Fandango pink, a deeper colour that gets its name from the lively, brisk Spanish dance and also implies a festive celebration, becomes Hina and matches her tyohaar mood in this frame.


IMAGE: We're tickled pink with the candy-coloured playsuit she dons to bum around in the Phuket sun.


IMAGE: 'Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink': The splendid cure for all buri nazar is this pale, pale pink blazer set with evil eye motifs.


IMAGE: Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons: She's frothy as a long, cool strawberry cocktail that they should name after her in a frilly pink blouse and multi-hued skirt.


IMAGE: When an Abu Dhabi cafe reads your mood...
Her raspberry cutout top, white hot pants and matching sneakers is but naturally the dress code for Forever Rose Cafe.


IMAGE: Every fractionally varying shade of pink of needs representation in a truly feminine wardrobe, be it fairytale pink, Spanish pink, Mexican pink, American pink, New York pink, Chilean pink, Persian pink, paradise pink, tango pink, congo pink, queen pink, lusty gallant pink, Mounbatten pink...
Hina salutes the sun in a printed dress of white and rose Pompadour pink.
Long Live Pink Power, girls.
Gulabi Zindabad!

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