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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » Ananya, Sara Are Looking Back At YOU

Ananya, Sara Are Looking Back At YOU

March 01, 2023 09:14 IST
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Remember the times when we were constantly reminded by the parents to stand straight, with backs upright, feet together, chin up and grin for the camera, saying 'paneer', showing a little bit of our teeth?

It scored wonderfully back in the day and made for memorable pics in the school yearbook and family albums.

Guess what?

It's the most boooooooring pose ever to attempt now. Yawn.

That's why celebs masterfully push the envelope, thinking of new, creative ways to get that ultimate, break-the-bank, Insta-conquering shot.

So what's trending at the moment? The lazy, too-cool-to-really-care, languid over-the-shoulder glance.

It's B-Town's current parampriya pose. This signature star look brings out their best in every, single frame and is pasted allover celeb timelines, like a new social media rash.

How does it go... Slightly raised front shoulder, head tilted back, locking eyes with the camera, as you give a glimpse of your side profile and highlight deep backless silhouettes or shapely jawlines.

We're sure you wanna buy into this fad and need some tuts on how to do it, right?

Lessons from the bosses...

IMAGE: Ananya Panday executes the A1 look back with swag dekho.
Can you think of a better way of drawing attention to a cute confection-in-white outfit?
Photograph: Kind courtesy Ananya Panday/Instagram


IMAGE: Ooooh she smoulders! Where's the fire extinguisher?
Plunging laced back numbers double def need the seductive backward peep and Khushali Kumar pulls off the performance with some serious confidence.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Khushali Kumar/Instagram


IMAGE: A more complex now-you-see-her-now-you-don't maneuver -- is she trying to look peeche or not?
Did the words 'Uff stunner hai' just skip through your lips when you saw Mithila Palkar in this photograph? We agree.
Breezy beachwear. Fabulous curls. Cool pose. Sea and surf. All the key ingredients for the 184k-likes-attracting Insta story.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Mithila Palkar/Instagram


IMAGE: Sara Tendulkar takes a chota break from her medical studies in London to order 'one taro milk tea with tapioca' and for a reverse peek at her 2.3 million fans.
'Bhabhi ne 200 mar diye' says one appreciative chap.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sara Tendulkar/Instagram


IMAGE: Giorgia Andriani soaks up the ebbing Goan sunshine and checks back to make doubly sure our all our dils zinda hai.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Giorgia Andriani/Instagram


Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/

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