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The secret behind Manasi Scott's crazy toned abs

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Last updated on: June 25, 2019 12:32 IST
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'The only thing better than singing, is more singing! Then there's dancing, horse riding and martial arts.'

Manasi Scott has all the inspiration to pep up a lazy Tuesday morning.

The singer gave us the ultimate fitness goals by sharing a pic of her attending a Pilates session, below, with Namrata Purohit.

Achieving an incredible stretch, she looked like a pro as she flaunted her fab Pilates moves.

'Transformation is painful to say the least, but if you keep moving, change perspective and keep it all going, you'll heal and come out stronger,' she captioned the pic.

Manasi is a fitness freak and her workout routine includes Pilates, swimming, horse riding, yoga and even martial arts.

Scroll down to take a look!

'My journey of #PILATES with @namratapurohit has brought much of that lost spirit back into me,' writes Manasi. 'I love how she genuinely believes #nothingisimpossible and talks my very suspicious, truant and technicolour mind into deep, calm focus and then my body goes wherever I want to to take it. Still working on this routine but it feels AMAZING to even get this far.' Photographs: Courtesy Manasi Scott/Instagram

'I am an extremely enthusiastic and adventurous traveler! Whether I have 24 hours in a place or days, I make the most of it,' she adds.

Manasi attempts a bar routine at The Pilates Studio.

OMG! That's her doing the upward bow pose (Urdhvadhanurasana) by the pool. ' I feel lighter and younger as I get out of it! 
I breathe out all my limitations and push myself to the extreme and the stretch itself renews my whole body.'

Even when she is travelling, Manasi doesn't fail to do her workouts. This pic was taken in Sri Lanka.

The singer getting the #beastmode on during a Muay Thai class.

A throwback pic to the time when Manasi did aerial yoga.

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