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This article was first published 4 years ago  » Getahead » 5 yoga asanas that will cure your back pain

5 yoga asanas that will cure your back pain

By Shalini Bhargava
Last updated on: June 24, 2019 12:00 IST
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These simple asanas will help strengthen your neck, spine, shoulders and torso.

Yoga asanas for a bad back

Photograph: Iveto/Wikimedia Commons

Hema Kumar (name changed), a sales and marketing professional with an MNC had difficulty going to work because of her nagging back ache.

While the amount of medicines that she was consuming was only increasing, the pain showed no signs of decreasing.

A simple back pain aggravated to worse till someone suggested embracing yoga.

It's been four months since she's taken to yoga and it has given her some respite.

Today, there are countless men and women like Hema who suffer from ailments related to the back and spine, who are unable to get rid of pain despite medication.

Not surprising, the power of yoga is such that today even doctors recommend following it in addition to the drugs prescribed.

Yoga is a way of life that not only heals you but also eliminates the stress that comes along with these ailments.

By doing yoga, you become more aware of the body, realise the stress points and get rid of them in a healthy way.

Why yoga works?

Although yoga is a very slow process and the effect of yoga is seen in the long term, experts in the field have always backed the fact that regular practice of the various asanas or poses shows remarkable improvements in people suffering from chronic back pain.

It works because by doing the various asanas, one conditions the body, works at the different pain points right from the inception of the problem so that there is some respite at the start with and going forward the problem is eradicated.

In other words, practicing yoga daily will minimise both the pain and the intake of medications.

Here are some simple asanas that are good for your spine.

All photographs below: Kind courtesy Shameem Akhtar/Rediff Archives

1. The Cat- Camel Pose

Cat poseBe on your fours and balance the body weight.

Take a deep breath.

Look up and drop your body down such that the stomach touches the mat (cat pose).

Now slowly while releasing your breath.

Get your chin close to your chest and arch your spine (the camel pose).

This pose strengthens the spine, neck, shoulders and torso.

2. Locust Pose 

Locust poseThis particular asana mainly focuses on relieving pain in the lower back.

Start by lying on your stomach with palms facing up and the arms besides your torso.

Bring your feet near to each other such that the big toes touch each other and the heels face upwards.

Lift your head, shoulders, chest and arms pointing in the back along with your legs.

Look in front while doing this.

Remain for a few seconds and then come down and relax. Repeat this pose again.

3. Bridge Pose 

Bridge poseThis pose stretches your spine such that it soothes your backache and also head ache.

Start with lying on the back.

Fold your legs from the knees with the feet placed firmly on the mat.

Place your arms along your body.

Press your arms and feet and lift your tailbone such that the thighs are parallel to the floor.

Stay in this pose for a few seconds and then drop down. Get your legs down. Relax and repeat.

4. The Cobra Pose 

Cobra poseThis pose that uses the hamstrings, makes your spinal cord strong and relieves you from back ache.

It also stretches your chest, shoulders and abdomen.

Start by lying on your stomach with your hands placed downwards and pointing straight.

Next, get your arms closer to the chest.

Inhale and lift half way or all the way up your head, shoulders and chest by pressing your hands.

Come back to the mat and exhale. Relax and then repeat.

5. Child Pose 

Child poseThis pose helps release the stress accumulated in your neck and back.

The posture stretches to the hips and thighs too.

It calms you and relieves from fatigue.

To do this pose, sit on your heels with your knees together.

Bend forward with your arms in front pointing straight with palms facing up.

Place your forehead on the floor.

Bend forward and stretch your hands in front of you.

Stay in this pose for 5 minutes and then relax.

Although yoga helps overcome all ailments, what is important is that it has to be done in the correct way.

It is always advisable to pursue the art of yoga with the appropriate guidance of an expert or yoga professional.

Based on the severity of your problem, they'll be able to guide you on how much strain you can put in these asanas and also identify if there would be any side effect.

Shalini Bhargava is director at JG'S Fitness Centre, Mumbai.

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Shalini Bhargava