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This article was first published 6 years ago  » Getahead » This badass fitness guru is serving up major inspiration

This badass fitness guru is serving up major inspiration

By Rediff Get Ahead
Last updated on: June 27, 2018 10:25 IST
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This CrossFit enthusiast and author, who is 12 weeks into her pregnancy, will help you kick start your day on a healthy note.

Photographs: Courtesy Christmas Abbott/Instagarm

Meet Christmas Abbott, a fitness enthusiast who has been urging her followers to opt for a fitter, healthier life. 

While most of us may think of skipping workouts at the start of the day, Christmas welcomes everyday with a 'fresh recharge'. 

'While others are complaining, I’m completing my tasks and feeding my passions,' she wrote on her Instagram page.

She loves the grind and believes that one should 'take Monday as a day to set the rest of the week into a positive wave.

'Nourish what you love and cut out what is toxic. Whatever you focus your thoughts and energy on is what manifests.

'So your attitude is KEY to the quality of your day, week, life,' she adds.

Her top motivational tips are:

1. Hold yourself accountable.

2. Your workout routine should be about your well-being and happiness -- not a chore.

3.  Give yourself a break. A burger or cookie isn't going to ruin all your progress. 

4. Be kind to yourself.  

For Christmas, lifting weights is therapy.

'It shows me how powerful I am, but most importantly it shows me how far I have come from that lost little girl I was growing up.

'I love feeling strong and how my body responds to the demands I put on it. I lift smart and train smarter.'

Christmas is in a new phase of her life. She's 12 weeks into her pregnancy and ready to welcome a baby boy. 

She admits that 'it is the happiest she has been in her life, although certainly not the easiest'.

'The second trimester I craved my normal eating habits again with a few things here and there off track.

'Your body knows what it needs, let it speak to you. Naps, take the freaking nap.

'Your body is working harder than it ever has before even if you feel like you’re doing nothing. Let your body work and make that sweet baby!'

She reveals, 'In the first week I've struggled physically with my pregnancy.

'Grabbing something off the floor was a slow, but almost maximum effort; turning was a whole body experience, and I'd literally bump into so many things.

'I’ve noticed my balance is more off and I will weeble-wobble a bit. My lower back is constantly tight even with massages and chrio apts, and at times my ribs feel like I'm getting a Viking eagle death where they pull your rib cage apart. No kidding.

'My sleep has been off but that's because of personal challenges right now.

'If I can wedge enough pillows around and under me, I have a better chance of sleeping most of the night, but not guaranteed.

'It's hard to believe that I'm already six months pregnant and still have so many more to go!

'The last few weeks have been a major personal struggle, but I’m working hard to find peace in it and provide the BEST for my lil' man. It's not easy but it sure is worth it.'

She's got the ultimate advice for fans and followers: 'Monday's are opportunities to start your week off better than last, regardless of the obstacles in your way or that occur.

'It's the mindset that this day, week, year will be better regardless of what life throws at you. It truly is how you see it.'

She adds, 'If you encounter a challenge, look for the solution and the lesson will become clear.

'That doesn't mean you have to always be OK and it's understandable when you aren't.

'But allow that to be a fleeting feeling and only temporary all while you are still working towards a solution and your positive mindset.

'Shake it off, get back to work, and accomplish what you set out to do!'

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