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This instructor makes yoga look SO EASY!

Last updated on: November 02, 2018 18:05 IST
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Janice Liou's jaw-dropping yoga poses will inspire you to change your life.

There are fitness instructors who post pictures of difficult stunts only they can pull off.

And then there is New York based Janice Liou who shows you that if she can do it, you too can. 

Janice fell in love with yoga sometime in 2015 and since then, she's taken it to newer heights, experimenting with her body, trying new poses and committing herself to be an example to the world.

'Each day take time to touch base with your mind, body, heart, and soul. Know where you are heading and head there with determination and resolve. Get clear, be focused, and fully commit,' Janice says.

Janice Liou

Janice believes that health and fitness is a routine we should all invest in.
She became a yoga teacher so she could share her light of wisdom with the world.
'From the outermost layer of physical transformations to the innermost layer of self-discovery. I serve merely as a guide in your journey to discovering the inner teacher within...To show you that you are capable of more than you think. And you are,' she says.
  Photographs: Kind courtesy Janice Liou/Instagram

Janice Liou

Janice often shares pictures from her own fitness journey to show how she's evolved. And the results are mind boggling!
If you are trying the above 'fallen dancer' pose, here are some tips:
  • BREATHE as you transition your body weight into your diaphragm you’ll notice your breath become shallow, back off a bit, find your breath calmly then try to deepen.
  • ACTIVE arms and legs! Kick your top leg up/forward and your back leg down/back. Pull upwards with your arms and use upper back strength to look up (don’t just crank neck)
  • Avoid overly turning your hips. Balance is tricky when you shift the weight forward. Use your legs and core strength to keep you balanced. If you find yourself wobbling try some pillows under the hip (or ease off, find balance, breathe, then slowly retry)

Janice Liou

She even tells you how to turn your sedentary life into a healthy one by sharing simple hacks.

Janice Liou

Now that's a useful guide to put your lazy body to task.

Janice Liou

See what two years of practice, patience and perseverance can do to your body.

Janice Liou

You'd be surprised to know that Janice doesn't really restrict her diet.
'I eat EVERYTHING (unless it doesn’t taste good),' she says.
'But here’s my secret: I eat more of the healthy and just have bits of the guilty.'
'From personal experience, it's when I restrict myself from cravings that my appetite for sugar and fats snowballs out of control (I literally gained 50 lbs after coming out of a 6 yr run with anorexia). But if you let yourself have a few bites of your cake, pasta, etc you’ll find that you really don’t need much to feel satisfied. If you ever go out with me to eat you’ll see i order SO much! And that's because we all share it, a taste of everything!'

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