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Actor Shraddha Das shows off her flexibility

By Rediff Get Ahead
Last updated on: December 04, 2019 15:13 IST

After drawing people's attention to her acting prowess, Shraddha Das is now winning the Internet with her yoga pics. 

IMAGE: 'Actor, Bodhisattva and workaholic' -- these are the three words Shraddha uses to describe herself. Apart from yoga, she also practices boxingPhotographs: Courtesy Shraddha Das/Instagram

IMAGE: Shraddha took to Instagram to show off her yoga skills. 'A little peek into what is coming up... yoga with @nikitahsolanki,' she captioned the pic. 

IMAGE: Shraddha attempting a variation of the bharadvajasana. 

IMAGE: Nothing better than starting your day with a good stretch...

IMAGE: ...followed with some deep breathing.

IMAGE: We end with a pic of Shraddha doing the dhanurasana (bow pose).

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