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Can you bend and stretch like this yogini?

By Rediff Get Ahead
November 28, 2019 11:19 IST

With her picture-perfect poses, Namita Chandra Piparaiya has all the inspiration for you to take up yoga as a routine. 

IMAGE: This yogini is winning the Internet, one Instagram post at a time! Photograph: Courtesy Namita Chandra Piparaiya/Instagram

Yoga teacher Namita Chandra Piparaiya is a star on Instagram thanks to her extraordinary yoga poses.

She has gone on to inspire her 11,000 followers on the photo-sharing app to embrace a healthy lifestyle.    

Namita doesn't believe in being rigid. 'Have rules, but not too many,' she shares on Instagram.

Her motto in life is simple: 'Eat out, but not too much. Work out, but don't overdo. Take care of yourself, but also invest time with others.

'Have agreeable friends, but also find some who disagree. Chill and relax, but also make time to exercise and move.

'It is not very complicated. Keeping life simple is one of the best lessons I have learnt,' she reveals.

With her picture-perfect poses, she has all the inspiration for you to take up yoga as a routine.  

Scroll down to take a look at her yoga pics and be prepared to get inspired!

IMAGE: Watch that pose as Namita attempts a back bend (kapotasana).  

IMAGE: According to her, 'the healing power (in yoga) is in consistent practice, sustainability, simplicity and humility.'

IMAGE: Notice that smile even as she attempts a complex hand balancing asana (eka pada koundinyasana).

IMAGE: How beautifully she seems to have mastered the lord of the dance pose (natarajasana).

IMAGE: We end with a pic of Namita doing the eight-angle pose (astavakrasana). 

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