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This curvy yogini makes stretches look sexy!

By Rediff Get Ahead
Last updated on: November 21, 2019 11:03 IST
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Apoorva Jayarajan is inspiring people to embrace a healthy lifestyle. 
A yoga and mat Pilates trainer she is winning the Internet, one yoga pose at a time!

Photographs: Courtesy Apoorva Jayarajan/Instagram

Her fitness game is on point. She doesn't aim to show off or prove a point, but hopes to inspire at least one of her 1.3 lakh followers to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Meet Pune-based Apoorva Jayarajan, who is winning the Internet with her yoga pics and videos.

Flaunting her well-toned bod, this yogini's Instagram pics are full of all the inspiration you need on a lazy Wednesday afternoon. Take a look!

IMAGE: She loves her curves and wants you to accept your body with its flaws. 'And as I began to love myself, my relationship with everyone changed,' she shared on Instagram. 

IMAGE: She manages an upside down pose with a smile. 

IMAGE: 'All you see around you is energy. The universe manifesting itself in different forms. What you exude, you receive. So the next time, be aware; of what you're putting out there, because it comes back -- tenfold,' she shares on Instagram. 

IMAGE: She loves 'long walks around parks, somewhere that she can connect with nature, sit among the huge green trees, walk on the grass, yoga in the mud, smell the fresh air and meditate as the gentle sound of flowing water is punctuated only by the birds.' That's a reason why you will always find her doing yoga amidst nature.  

IMAGE: A fitness influencer on Instagram, she is doing her job right of influencing and inspiring people. 

IMAGE: Her advice: 'Take a second, get into this moment, breathe thrice and just thank the universe for your existence with every breath.  Do it.'

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