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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » From chubby to chiseled! Roadies contestant shows off gym-honed bod

From chubby to chiseled! Roadies contestant shows off gym-honed bod

Last updated on: November 05, 2018 11:34 IST

Take a look at how this go-getter stays in shape. 

Photographs: Courtesy Geetika Sood/Instagram

Meet Geetika Sood, a Roadies Xtreme contestant. The Internet is in awe of her fit body.

An Instagram sensation, she has been charming her followers on Instagram with her fitness pics.

'You gotta do this for yourself. This is for you,' she writes on the social media photo-sharing app, as she urges people to opt for a healthy living.

'This isn't about anybody else. Live for yourself. Honour yourself. Never lose sight of that,' she adds. 'Look in the mirror, that's your competition.'

For her, 'the gym in that one place, where she has control'.

'I don't have to speak. I don't have to listen. I just have to push or pull,' she exclaims.

'It is so much simpler. So much satisfying than the outside world. I don't have to think. I don't have to care. I don't have to feel. I simply have to LIFT,' writes Geetika who makes lifting weights looks so SEXY and effortless.

She has a message for women who are overweight and not happy with their body.

'I being an emotional lovy-dovy kinda girl never realised what I was made of.

'I never knew what I carried inside that heavy layer of laziness, appetite and never bothered so much about my body.

'Then one day I thought that you only have one life, one body and why waste it? Why not make the best of it?

'Why not see it in its best version? Why not get the shape I deserved?'

'Then I started working out. My schedule was this simple cardio...cardio...cardio.

'Then one day I just thought of picking in some dumbbells (just for fun) and started giving in some not so crucial presses.

'Days went by, now its been 3 months since I am regularly working out and I feel the changes in my body shape, strength and everything.

'I admit I may not be the slimmest and lean girl out there, but I have this great muscle mass that one can actually achieve through weight training.

'It makes you look beautiful. It gives you an AMAZING shape.

'So rather than doing cardio cardio all the way, start incorporating some kinda weight training sessions in between.

'Make every repetition count. Make it as deep as possible. Don't stop till you don't get enough of it.

'Lifting weights make women huge? No, CUPCAKES do. Muscles don't have a gender. Strength is everyone's right.

'Be strong. And keep training.' 

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