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Fat to fit: How I lost 24 kg with cycling and diet

By Dr Sameer Dolare
March 26, 2019 08:40 IST
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Rediff reader Dr Sameer Dolare from Pune went from 104 kg to 80 kg in 18 months without a trainer.
He shares his inspiring weight loss story. You can share yours too!

Dr Sameer Dolare went from 104 to 80 kg in 18 months

IMAGE: Dr Sameer Dolare weighed 104 kg in 2009. He lost 24 kg in 18 months and continues to stay fit. Photograph: Kind courtesy Dr Sameer Dolare

I was 104 kg in 2009.

I had gained weight because of a lack of exercise and physical activity.

I had a tendency to gain weight in spite of following a proper diet plus I was under stress.

I reduced it to 80 kg with regular exercise and diet.

I lost 24 kg in one and half year and I have maintained that weight till date.

With a regular vegetarian diet, cycling and exercise, I have managed to lose weight.

I did not hire a personal trainer.

But I did all sorts of training, including cardio and weight training.

The toughest part was to go from 104 kg to 95 kg and lose the initial fat.

It wasn't easy to do squats and lunges.

After the initial loss of 5 kg, when my weight dropped below 100 kg, I felt motivated to go on. 

I workout for one hour every day.

I mostly travel by cycle daily and follow a strict diet.

I have reduced my sugar intake.

For those who are keen to lose weight, I'd suggest that regular exercise and diet are important.

If you really want to lose weight, you have to cut on sugar intake and control what you eat.

Today, I am able to eat everything but I try to do it in moderation so I don't reverse the weight loss.

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Dr Sameer Dolare
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