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Revealed! Karan Wahi's secret to a fit bod

By Rediff Get Ahead Bureau
March 20, 2019 09:40 IST
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The actor model is truly obsessed about fitness even when he is on a holiday.

Karan Wahi

IMAGE: 'Fitness is a part of me' says Karan Wahi.  Photographs: Kind courtesy Karan Wahi/Instagram

Cricketer turned actor Karan Wahi has over 2 million followers on his Instagram. 

And most of them are drooling over his hot bod and mean muscles.

The 32 year old actor who will be soon appearing in Love Ok Please, a travel-based adventure reality show recently spoke about his fetish for fitness.

Karan Wahi

IMAGE: He never skips his breakfast. His platter consists of eggs, boiled potatoes and a cup of warm tea.

Whether he is shooting or travelling away from home, Karan never misses out on his workout.

Guess what tops his list when he's travelling?

'The first thing I do when I reach the place that I have booked is that I check out the gym, if there is one,' Karan revealed.

'Fitness is a part of me, so even if I am on a holiday it's just embedded within me,' he said.

Karan Wahi

IMAGE: Those envious abs will motivate anyone to sign up for a gym.

The travel buff whose new show will be shot in Manali, Dharamshala and places in Himachal Pradesh also prefers staying in a room with a view.

'The other thing I love to do is enjoy the room and I make sure I spend some time there too. That's also cause if I have booked a room with a view, I should be giving it time,' Wahi added.

Karan Wahi

IMAGE: Karan believes that fitness should be an important part of one's travel plans.

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