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6 effective, healthy ways to deal with your anger

By Sailendra Raane
October 31, 2019 08:30 IST
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When you lose your temper, your jawline stiffens, muscles tighten and maybe you grit your enamels as well, says Sailendra Raane.
Exercising facilitates in shifting your attention to the physical aspect thus burning off all the surplus energy levels.

Yoga can help you deal with anger

Yoga and deep breathing exercises can help you deal with anger management issues. Photograph: Hitesh Harisinghani/

Admit it, don’t we all at some point in life fly into a rage.

It could be while being trapped in traffic, or when you missed your daily local.

Very often you can be mad at your significant other especially when you are going through a break-up phase.

Sometimes even the scorching weather can drain out your energy.

It’s a known fact that physical and psychological health are inextricably connected.

There are a host of aspects that trigger anger and undesirable anxiety, but why let it aggravate and take charge of your mood?

Your temper is definitely a healthy, normal reaction, but can also be negative when it goes out-of-control, causing mess at home or at the workplace.

Outbursts of anger can cause health ailments like headaches, migraines, weak immune systems and even mounts the peril of heart attacks and increases the risks of cancer.

Anger is not only limited to being an emotive reaction but it also is a physical reaction. When you lose your temper, your jawline stiffens, muscles tighten and maybe you grit your enamels as well. Exercising facilitates in shifting your attention to the physical aspect thus burning off all the surplus energy levels.

You may seek help in the form of physical exercise and workouts that will surely do wonders to condense your anger far more efficiently than other ways. That’s exactly where ‘anger-obics’ comes into play.

Refining your physical condition can facilitate you to better handle your emotions -- and when exercise is used in combination with temper management strategies it can aid you regulate anger and condense frustration and nervousness.

Exercising lessens blood pressure and releases endorphins into the bloodstream that are meant to upsurge feelings of contentedness.

Even a single bout of fitness workout has a forceful prophylactic outcome against the build-up of annoyance.

Below mentioned are a list of workouts that help to reduce anger and alleviates your spirits, thus targeting towards a healthy lifestyle:

1. Boxing 

Punching the heavy bag is one of the most effective methods of getting out your aggression while alongside burning out a ton of calories.

One of the best form of self-defence and high-intensity exercise, boxing is not just limited to being a great stress buster but is also a great technique to stay in shape.

All you need to do is grab some boxing and get ready to vent out all your anger on a punching bag.

Start by hitting the bag in intervals such as thirty to sixty seconds all-out effort, followed by a thirty to ninety seconds of rest. Ensure you keep your wrists straight while coming in contact with the bag.

Repeat the exercise about six to ten times for best results.

2. Progressive Relaxation 

This workout technique is known to effectively relieve your levels of anxiety and anger.

Being best performed by laying down on the floor, all you need to do is shut your eyes, and tense your toes and feet for a couple of seconds, before your release them.

Following this you need to tense your calves and lower leg, followed by releasing these muscles.

Carry on the act of tensing and calming your group of body muscles till the time you get to your head.

While tensing and relaxing each muscles, you must respire deeply, allowing your mind to concentrate only on the bodily sensations that are being experienced by you. This will majorly help in soothing mind and muscles.

3. Deadlifts 

Picking up something that is heavy weight and then putting it back down, is another stress relieving form of exercise which greatly helps to get out the unwanted aggression.

While you perform deadlifts you need to ensure your back is straight and core is tight.

You must be seated back on your heels, and must drive through your heels while you put the bar up to an upright position.

This should be followed by squeezing your glutes at the top.

Now you need to lower down the weight in the same manner as you had lifted it up.

In order to safeguard the correct muscles are getting the work done, make sure the bar is grazing your legs the whole way up.

4. Medicine Ball Slams

Get out your anger and anxiety by doing the medicine ball slams.

While lifting up the medicine ball, ensure your core is tight and your back is straight.

By pressing it above your head you need to utilise your core to slam down the ball on to the floor.

Just as the ball bounced back up, make optimum use of the motion to carry you into your following rep.

5. Deep Breathing 

These inhalation exercises will facilitate you to unwind, take time out and aid you to gain control over yourself and the situation you are dealing with.

Deep breathing can decrease tension and irritation by re-focusing your mind on physical sensations instead of undesirable and volatile thoughts.

During this exercise you need to be seated comfortably on a chair or lie down on the ground.

Shut your eyes by placing your one hand on your abdomen.

Breathe in and concentrate on filling your gut and chest, with breath. Take a break and gradually breathe out.

Carry on inhaling in this manner till the time you feel calm and more relaxed.

6. Yoga 

One of the foremost ways to release anger is by performing yoga. It's a form of exercise that cleanses your mind, physique, and soul.

This divine approach to anger will facilitate in clearing your mind.

Stretch out the body, increase elasticity and focus on your breathing -- the resentment will just be flushed away.

Precisely, the virabhadrasana (or the warrior pose) in yoga is a powerful posture that assists to release the pent up anger. The pose is focussed on stability and implanting courage.

While there may be multiple things and situations that cause irritation and negative stress, don't let it fester and take over your peace of mind.

Instead try your hands on these effective workouts that encourage your body to become its fittest best.

Sailendra Raane is director-fitness division at RESET: Holistic Living Concepts.

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