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This article was first published 7 years ago  » Getahead » Will you buy the iPhone 7 Plus for Rs 92k?

Will you buy the iPhone 7 Plus for Rs 92k?

By Himanshu Juneja
Last updated on: September 15, 2016 15:42 IST
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iPhone 7 PlusAn all-new processor that is 40 per cent faster, a camera that combines a wide and telephoto lens to capture sharper images, and the latest iOS 10, have teamed together to get your eyeballs and pockets.

But will you buy (now that the company has announced the prices for the Indian marke) the iPhone 7 Plus for Rs 72,000/Rs 82,000/Rs 92,000 for the 32/128/256 GB variants respectively?

Similarly, will you buy the iPhone 7 for Rs 60,000/Rs 70,000/Rs 80,000 for the 32/128/256 GB variants respectively?

Tell us on the message board below if you will spend the moon to own either an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus?

iPhone 7 Plus

Before you put your keyboard/smartphone to work, here's more dope on the two variants that will be available for sale in India from October 7.

The year 2016 certainly has been a great one for the mobile phone users, and the Apple event on Wednesday, September 7, saw Apple's attempt to hitch the bandwagon. The glittering event at at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (San Francisco) witnessed the unveiling of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, introduced the handsets to the audience amid high expectations. Both the phones were carrying some significant features, few of them being absolute firsts for Apple.

The all-new A10 Fusion processor, stereo speakers, iOS 10, and the much awaited dust and water resistance certification. The missing 3.5 mm audio jack also was the talking point for many.

Peeking under the hood

With the all new SoC A10, Apple has supplied its most potent processor yet. The new SoC is about 40 per cent faster than what the A9 was capable of. The quad core processor will employ the two faster cores for heavy duty tasks, while the newly fitted performance controller will detect the more regular tasks and allow the energy efficient cores to kick into action.

The six core GPU is 50 per cent better than what the A9 came fitted with.


Expectedly so, the design remains the same. But Apple has finally got the hang of the writing on the wall and introduced the dust and water resistant certification (IP67) to their marquee handsets.

Users still should not think about jumping into the pool with the prized possessions, because the IP67 certification feature will only ward off any accidental droplets for sure.

Colour me black... jet black

Apple introduced the jet black colour to its phone range. As per Apple, this is a deeper black than what they usually have. The latest iPhones thus will come in black, jet black, gold, and rose gold colour options.

The jet black colour comes at the expense of space gray, which is a shame really. Whatever happened to the concept of peaceful co-existence?

Increased base storage

The base model has also been upgraded. This was long overdue, and has had even the loyal fans question Apple's reluctance to make 32 GB as the base storage capacity. Well, Apple finally has paid heed.

Going the full distance, there are also the 128 and 256 GB models available.

Beloved 3.5 mm no more

Although Phil Schiller, Sr VP (WordWide Marketing, Apple), said that it was courage which allowed to take such a call, it very well may backfire. Now the users will have to choose between charging and listening to their music as the supplied lightening connector to 3.5mm converter will block the charging port.

There will be the wireless earpods too, but those also brings the chance of them slipping away and these definitely do not come cheap. The price tag for Apple's official earpods has been hinted at $159. Apple has been benign to have floated the idea of selling earpods by pieces and not by pairs.

Users can no doubt attach Bluetooth headsets wirelessly, but the sheen and comfort of using the prized wired earphones/headset is well and truly gone.


The 3D touch enabled display from Apple gets an upgrade, and the new Retina HD display makes its debut. As per Apple, the display offers wider gamut of colours, and enters the territory of 'Cinema P3 standard colours.'

The display is 25 per cent brighter this time round, while carrying the end to end colour management.

iOS 10

There was hardly any doubt that the dynamic duo from Apple would be running the new version of iOS. The revamped operating system brings changes right from the lock-screen to an advanced SIRI.

Users get to interact with notifications and widgets at the lock-screen level itself. The digital personal assistant SIRI now gets behind the third party apps as well to give a more well rounded assistance. The 3D touch technology also gets more teeth, while a new home app has been slotted for an improved smart home tech.

Click away to your heart's content

iPhone 7 Plus

There has been some major progress in the camera department, especially with the smartphones. Apple definitely was not planning to miss the bus.

iPhone 7 comes packed wih optical image stabilisation (OIS), and a wide f/1.8 aperture. Both the factors will play crucial roles in bringing out better and brighter pictures.

Apple also came up with a new image signal processor (ISP): A six element lens, to spice things further up.

iPhone 7 Plus

But what really is making waves is the 12 MP dual camera set up on the iPhone 7 Plus. With a wide angle lens and a telephoto variant, the potential is definitely there. The users can look forward to some high grade depth effect in the captured pics. Portrait option should even allow the users to preview in real time!

Speakers to blow you away

iPhone 7 Plus

With added dynamic range, Apple has finally tuned the users with stereo speakers on the iPhone 2016. The speakers go on the top and the bottom part of the phone. How good will the set up turn out to be, remains to be seen.

Apple also has made the iPhone 2016 doubly louder compared to the iPhone 6s.

Battery prowess

Although a proper review only will help discern how much the new iPhones last on a single charge, but as per Apple, iPhone 7 can delivers wireless streaming of videos for 13 hrs on the trot, while its bigger sibling iPhone 7 Plus will drain itself after 14 hours.

According to a certification site, the iPhone 7 comes with a 1960mAh battery, while the bigger sibling is powered by a 2900 mAh pack.

Pricing and release details

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available for the Indian customers beginning Friday, October 7.

The iPhone 7 will be launched at a starting price of Rs 60,000 for the 32GB storage model.

There is no word on the pricing for any other variant or that of the iPhone 7 Plus.

In the US, the iPhone 7 32/128/256GB models will be priced at $649/$749/$849 respectively, while the iPhone 7 Plus will carry the price tag of $769/$869/$969 for the 32/128/256 GB variants respectively.

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Himanshu Juneja
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