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Have you tasted the fried butter chicken burger?

By Rediff Get Ahead
January 09, 2020 12:07 IST
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Are you a fan of butter chicken? Then this burger is right up your alley. 

IMAGE: The fried butter chicken burger. Photograph: Courtesy Milky Lane cafe/Instagram

Who doesn't like creamy butter chicken served with naan hot off the tandoor?

And while most of us, would not dare to experiment with the dish, a cafe in Australia has attempted the impossible.

They have created the first fried butter chicken burger and it's a super hit among foodies.

The popular dish features a fried chicken, coated with butter chicken paste, and cheesy mozzarella garlic naans sandwiched between two buns.

Topped with a generous garnish of coconut vindaloo sauce, mint yoghurt aioli and mango chutney, it is just the drool-worthy dish we have been waiting for in 2020.

The burger also features crispy papadum and sliced cucumbers.

Milky Lane cafe in Sydney, New South Wales introduced this Indian-inspired burger and foodies have been loving it.

Pics of the burger have gone viral and everyone seems to be loving the idea.

The cafe shared pics of the burger on Instagram, much to the delight of their 1,35,000 followers who have been commenting about how much they loved the dish.

'Best thing I've ever tasted,' shared one of their followers. 'I had it today and it was sensational,' added another user.

Not a great option for the health conscious, every burger is loaded with around 800 calories.

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