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Follow these Instagrammers if you love Mallu food

Last updated on: April 27, 2017 12:57 IST
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These foodies will take you on a memorable gastronomical journey across Kerala.

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It is impossible to speak about Kerala without a mention of the delicious appams and chicken curry, fish fry, duck roast, puttu and kadala curry, etc.

But do you know where you get lip-smacking coconut shakes, kappa biryani, king fish mappas with golden crust beaten Malabar parottas and Cochin's special Kulukki Sarbath?

These foodies will help you out. 


Kerala foodies

IMAGE: Buhari tender coconut shakes in pista and butterscotch flavours.  
This page is dedicated to capturing the appetizing bits and pieces of Kochi.
From breakfast to dinner options, they'll tell you where you can feast on out-of-the-box mouth-watering delicacies like fried ice cream, Bournvita and tender coconut shakes, Afro-Portuguese speciality chicken espetada in Kochi. 

Followers: 782

Photograph: Kind courtesy 


Kochi foodies

IMAGE: A spread including prawns and bamboo biryani. 
This account is a community of passionate eaters in Kochi. Followers are free to share tempting pics of delicious food to get featured. Be prepared to tease your taste buds with delectable pics of fish fry, kappa biryani, chicken roast, puttupazhampuri (ripe banana fritters), and many more delicacies from God's Own Country. 

Followers: 9,279

Photograph: Kind courtesy Eat Kochi Eat/Instagram


Kerala foodies

IMAGE: Karimeen fry at Shappu Food, Vyttila. 
Oneal Sabu aka fc_boy_83 is a corporate lawyer and a self-confessed food enthusiast. He calls himself a 'food anarchist' and believes that there are no rules for the 'lawless foodie'.
Follow him to get a dose of 100 per cent pure Mallu food feeds and treats like Malabar biryani, king fish mappas with golden crust beaten Malabar parottas, etc.

Followers: 1,064

Photograph: Kind courtesy Oneal Sabu/Instagram


Kerala foodies

IMAGE: Cochin's special Kulukki Sarbath.
This Instagram page is not just about lip-smacking food, it's more about the food experiences and gastronomical adventures enjoyed by its members. Follow them and get a chance to experience some interesting food walks in Kochi. It's here that you'll discover the best kept secrets of the city.  

Followers: 324

Photograph: Kind courtesy F
ood Walk Company/Instagram


kerala foodies

IMAGE: Rice cakes with delicious coconut and prawn masala wrapped in plantain leaves and steamed. 
The Malabar Food Guy, is a foodie by default and an architect by profession. He may be a new-kid-on-the-food-block, but his pics will take you on an awe-inspiring food journey through Kerala. From nadan kozhi (chicken) curry to appam and fish moilee, Malabar-style pomfret fry and much more. 

Followers: 197

Kind courtesy The Malabar Food Guy/Instagram


Kerala foodies

IMAGE: This naranga achar (lemon pickle) will remind you of our childhood.
Instagrammer Rekha comes from the land of spices and all the food pics she uploads have been tried, tested and then clicked. From the humble fish and spinach curry to chicken ghee roast, prawns pepper fry to appam and egg curry, fish fry to kozhukkatta (rice dumplings with a sweet filling), her page will take you back to your Malayalee roots. 

Followers: 2,416

Photograph: Kind courtesy Foodolicious Pictured/Instagram


Kerala foodies

IMAGE: Meen pollichathu made with neimeen.
Ria Mathew is an accidental food blogger from Kannur, Kerala. She loves to bake and cook when she is in the mood and she's teaching people how to cook food in a simple way. Follow her to get a sneak-peek into her kitchen brimming with sweet-smelling pickles, kozhi varuthathu (Kerala-style chicken fry), palaharams (snacks) made with ripe bananas, etc.

Followers: 4,218

Photograph: Kind courtesy 
Ria Mathew/Instagram


Kerala Foodies

IMAGE: Iddiyappam with vegetable kurma.
Follow Palakkad Chamayal aka Kaveri Venkatesh's page to see what authentic Palakkad food looks like. She will give you a brief about the history of the dish and her Sunday lunches are to die for! 
Vendakkai and mathan uppadan (a tamarind based speciality spiced with a mix of roasted rice, fenugreek and red chillies), buttermilk, rasam, kadala parippu pradhaman (a type of dessert using channa dal) are some of the treats her family enjoys every weekend. 

Followers: 2,492

Photograph: Kind courtesy Kaveri Venkatesh/Instagram

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Kerala foodies

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