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Breakfast to dinner: The best of Goa on a platter

Last updated on: April 13, 2017 12:07 IST
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Don't head to Goa without consulting these food buddies.

Goa is not just about beaches and hippies.

The food scene is pretty happening too and we just discovered a bunch of foodies in Goa who are using their platforms to take followers on a delicious food journey.

From Goan prawns curry to squid fry, burgers on the beach to Chicken Cafreal and a goan thali, they're telling stories in photos.


Goa foodies

IMAGE: A seafood spread, above, so tempting, is something you'll only find on So Goa.
Want to know the best places to have an English breakfast in Goa?
Or indulge in Goan delicacies like the seafood thali, tandoori masala lobster, barbecue pork chops?
Take a deep dive into So Goa's Instagram page.

Followers: 22,000
Photograph: Kind courtesy So Goa/Instagram


Goa foodies

IMAGE: Be prepared to be wooed with delicious pics of vindaloo, fish and chips, fried prawns, crab masala, sweet buns (pictured above) etc throughout the day.
They curate the best pics from different food bloggers in Goa and present it on their page, which means you have the best of Goa on a platter!

Followers: 23,000

Kind courtesy binaazaredo/Instagram


Goa foodies

IMAGE: Fancy eating at a sophisticated restaurant in Goa, but don't know where to go? Food Crumbs Goa lets you discover some awesome food across the state.
From listing their favourite sizzler spots to places that serve the best gadbad ice cream and burgers, just browsing through their page will leave you spell bound.

Followers: 15,600

Photograph: Kind courtesy Food Crumbs Goa/Instagram


Goa foodies

IMAGE: Flexcia is the Instagram foodie queen of Goa.
Her posts are not just about food -- it also includes travel in Goa. A food lover, beach bum, travel junkie, she loves to eat out and documents all her food journeys.

She will tempt you with a plate of crumb fried chicken, above, that can easily be mistaken for king fish rava fry, or tease your taste buds with a bacon platter with minced beef rolls. Her page has something for everyone from the frugal traveler to the spendthrift.

Followers: 12,600

Photograph: Kind courtesy Flexcia/Instagram


Goa foodies

IMAGE: Their latest post of fresh mango served with sticky rice and dressed in coconut milk got us hooked.
They are the go-to inspiration for weekend meals, delicious desserts and must-visit spots in Goa.

Find the best roast pork sandwich and serradurra, a Goan dessert.
They will also offer suggestions for non-Goan food in Goa like a Hyderabadi platter, pizzas and samosas too.

Followers: 6,709

Photograph: Kind courtesy Foodies Goa/Instagram


Goa foodies

IMAGE: Writer, foodie, wanderluster, biker, comic, animal lover and story teller --this Instagrammer's photography skills are so mind-blowing that you wouldn't ever want to eat the food that he has so beautifully captured through his lens.
If you're on his page, look for a pic of a baby grilled lobster with chickpea pulao to understand what we are talking about.
Expect the fanciest food on this account like Faux Tomato Basil Mousse with tomato skin and Sinful Semi Frozen Chocolate Mousse with a hint of old monk rum.

Followers: 5,469

Photograph: Kind courtesy Nolan Mascarenhas/Instagram


Goa foodies

IMAGE: True to its name, this is the page any true-blue Goan foodie should head to!
You can also brush up your knowledge of the Goan cuisine with interesting quizzes on food here.

They feature the best restaurants, cafes and patisseries in Goa, and some unbelievably awesome food like kuwalo salad (a raw Goan salad), grilled king fish in banana leaves, Bolo Sans Rival, Pork Solantulem and Chicken Cafreal, among other delicacies.

Followers: 1,483

Photograph: Kind courtesy The Goan Foodie/Instagram


Goa foodies

IMAGE: A new kid on the food block, Aaron de Miranda is a dog lover, foodie and amateur coder. He makes us go green with envy just browsing through the sinful treats and food he feasts on.
From Three Bird Roast for Sunday lunch, Beef Ravioli in Mushroom Cream Sauce, Australian Rosemary-fed Lamb to Smoked Snappers, you'll get a hefty dose of happiness seeing some of his gorgeous food posts.

He also gladly offers you a review when asked.

Followers: 645
Photograph: Kind courtesy Aaron de Miranda/Instagram

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