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A food trip through Bengaluru. Who's coming along?

March 24, 2017 17:05 IST
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They will seduce your taste buds with tempting food pics of ghee idli, chicken ghee roast biryani and mysore pak

Some people eat to survive and there are others who live just so that they can eat delicious food. 

Presenting a bunch of 10 such crazy foodies from nammuru Bengaluru.

1. @thegingerbreadwall

Foodies in Bangalore

IMAGE: The Gingerbread Wall can well be termed as your encyclopedia to good food in Bengaluru and Mysore.
It seems like the founders are on a constant food trail within the city.
It is awesome how they mix old with the new, traditional with dishes inspired by the while you will get gyaan on where you can have yummy butter garlic and pepper seafood, you'll also get a glimpse of the places serving lip-smacking string hoppers with mutton curry and creamy coconut milk.  
The Instagram page is also peppered with pics of their vacations across India.  

Followers: 1,694

Photograph: Kind courtesy The Gingerbread Wall/Instagram

2. @lingeringaftertaste

Bangalore foodies

IMAGE: A food stylist and photographer, Ambica Selvam makes ordinary food -- like organic cake, bread with herbs, omelette and even the basic gulab jamun -- look so tempting that you will want to dig into them right away!
She is a fan of experimentation, which is pretty evident from her pics -- she'll ditch the rice and chicken combo and throw in noodles instead to make a heartwarming noodle-chicken dish.

Followers: 1,484

Photograph: Kind courtesy Ambica Selvam/Instagram

3. @kaapilicious

Bangalore foodies

IMAGE: An MBA graduate and former marketing consultant, Nithya Anantham, who goes by the handle Kaapilicious, is now a full-time chef at home.
This food enthusiast doesn't hesitate to experiment with different cuisines (North Indian, Andhra, Konkani, South India) in her kitchen.
Her lunch thalis with steamed rice, paruppu, lemon paruppu rasammor and salad, will make the food in your dabba look staid.
Oh! Those mini idlis with podi and generous drizzle of sesame oil and filter kaapi which she has for breakfast are already making us hungry!

Followers: 6,857

Photograph: Kind courtesy Nithya Anantham/Instagram

4. @thebangalorefoodharem

Foodies in Bangalore

IMAGE: Follow the Bangalore Food Harem to get advice on where to eat, what to eat and what places to avoid in Bengaluru. One of the most sought-after Instagram accounts for locals and tourists in the city, Bangalore Food Harem posts stunning pics of simple and exotic dishes available across Bengaluru. 
From shivige bath to crab chettinadu, Tuticorin macaroons to mysore pak and softest, melt-in-your-mouth idlis at Brahmin Coffee Bar, the account shares unfiltered information about delicious food. 
They also dole out some valuable advice to their followers like: "While ordering idlis, don't ask for idli vada. Ask them to serve you the idli and vada separately. That way, you can ask them to add dollops of their homemade butter that just elevates the texture of the idlis to a whole new level!

Followers: 5,756

Photograph: Kind courtesy The Bangalore Food Harem/Instagram

5. @bangaloreepicure

Foodies in Bangalore

IMAGE: Bangalore Epicure aka Naveen Suresh is a pro when it comes to discovering hidden gems in Bengaluru. He's is obsessed with food and one look at his Instagram account and you will agree to that fact.
If you want to eat simple, fuss-free, affordable meals in Bengaluru, then this is the account to follow. Every pic is accompanied with a review too.
You must totally check out his pics of the Sicilian Red Velvet Dessert, above, scrambled tofu with bell pepper, baby spinach with red bell pepper. 

Followers: 2,844

Photograph: Kind courtesy 
Naveen Suresh/Instagram

6. @theplatememoirs

foodies in bangalore

IMAGE: Noorain Sobiya is a lawyer, who documents her gastronomical journeys. A foodie at heart, her favourite dish is haleem. This biotechnology graduate with a diploma in clinical chemistry titled her page The Plate Memoirs because 'she hopes to take everything that life has a serve it on a plate.'
Her weakness for food, especially desserts, is pretty evident through the delicious pics of food on her page including dollops of qubani ka meetha, strawberry kulfi, Kolkata saada pan with ice cream, etc.

Followers: 1,083

Photograph: Kind courtesy Noorain Sobiya/Instagram

7. @shockzp

Foodies in Bangalore

IMAGE: Welcome to Shakul Ramkumar's world! A technology enthusiast, gadget geek and food lover, he's passionate about food and has dedicated his Instagram page to sharing pics of the food he eats around Bengaluru. He loves to share his food adventures on Instagram -- from eating street food to dining at cafes and restaurants.
His page which is filled with pics of local food like chicken ghee roast biryani, idli and vada soaked in chutney, and desserts like chocolate banana pizza, flan and chilli cake, etc.

Followers: 612

Photograph: Kind courtesy Shakul Ramkumar/Instagram

8. @whiskaffair

Whisk Affair

IMAGE: Whiskaffair is Neha Mathur's baby. She's an award-winning food blogger, stylist and photographer who loves to travel.
Her profile will give you a dekkho into some of the delicious food offering across India from boondi dahi and samosasdahi methi poori, raw tomato green chilli chutney and chicken curries, just to name a few.
A dentist by profession, she gave up her career in dentistry to do what she loves the most: cooking -- she picked up on nuances of cooking from my mom and dad.

Followers: 14,400

Photograph: Kind courtesy Whisk Affair/Instagram

9. @saffrontrail

saffron trail

IMAGE: Dr Nandita Iyer's Instagram page is all about healthy eating. While she loves clicking pics of scrumptious meals and uploading them on her account, Nandita also shares recipes, thoughts on nutrition, healthy eating and mindfulness. 
Trained as a medical doctor with a specialisation in nutrition, Nandita Iyer is a well published writer and columnist. 
Currently based out of Bengaluru, she enjoys getting her hands dirty in her kitchen garden and her focus is on vegetarian cooking. 
Trust her to come up with simple yet innovative recipes like kale chole, kootu (above), dunk-proof gingerbread cookies and Sri Lankan dal curry.  

Followers: 27,900

Photograph: Kind courtesy Nandita Iyer/Instagram

10. @anupambehera

Anupam Behera

IMAGE: Anupam Behera is a 'foodpreneur, cafe owner, amateur food photographer, failed cook but successful foodie.' He finds perfection in food and loves to photograph food adding a zillion hashtags to it.  
Here the pics do the talking and browsing through the Instagram account will make you really hungry. 
From where to get the best paani-puri shots to paniyarams, edible chocolate spoons to seafood soup served in a cocktail glass, Behera's account offers you suggestions and food advice on where to eat when in Bengaluru and places around it.

Followers: 1,121

Photograph: Kind courtesy Anupam Behera/Instagram

Follow this link to post the best of your food pics and we will publish them right here on!

Share your food pics along with a short description of the food and the place you clicked it.

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