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6 delicious food pics for the hungry soul

January 04, 2019 12:18 IST

The best of food pics this week. You can share yours too here #RediffFoodies.

Gajar methi ki sabzi (carrot and fenugreek). A nutritious side dish packed with the goodness of carrot and fenugreek. Photograph: Alok Agrawal

These rawa and potato sticks (semolina and potato cigars) look tempting, don't they! Photograph: Alok Agrawal

Next we have a pic of stuffed chilli pickle. Photograph: Alok Agrawal

A banana biscuits trufflePhotograph: Sunil Nair

Fruit cream made in a jiffy. Photograph: Swati

We end with a pic of tomato stuffed with cheese and dry fruits. Photograph: Deepak Mehrotra

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