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'How's the job market for MS graduates in the US?'

June 05, 2015 16:05 IST
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"Age is no bar -- to get a job, get additional qualifications. Be confident. And being 40 is nothing."

Overseas education consultant NNS Chandra shared these words of advice to an aspirant.

'How's the job market for MS graduates in the US?'

In an online chat with readers on June 5, 2015, overseas education consultant NNS Chandra addressed queries related to pursuing a course in the US.

For those who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript:

kaviraj Singh: Mr Chandra, I'm a climate change professional with a doctorate from IIT Delhi and more than 10 international publications and books.

Worked with a big corporate at manager positions in UK for 2 yrs but came back for personnel reasons.

I am 27 and wish to relocate to US, are there good prospects for job for me please?

NNS Chandra: Dear Dr Singh, It is my pleasure to get introduced to you.

Please e-mail me with resume I can make some suggestions. Are you in Delhi now.

Soham Bahulekar: Hi Mr. Chandra. I have taken admission in KCG College, Chennai to do my B.E. Aeronautical Engineering.

I wish to do my MS degree in the same field in USA. So what is the procedure in order to get admission in the US ?

NNS Chandra: Simple - keep your good grades, get to a GRE and get involved in campus. Plan your BE years well. Get maximum out of this. Then you are good for your next steps.

Govardhan U: My son has got admit for MS (comp science) in George Mason University USA. Hows the university for MS in Comp science?

NNS Chandra: I like the school. Cost effective, dynamic campus. Top ranked.

himanshu panigrahi: Am BE (Elec Engg) +MBA (Fin and Mktg).

Worked for 1 yr at Research Institution after Engg, post MBA 4 years at Management Consultancy and 5+ years at Industrial Automation org handling Business Analysis and Development functions. Am 38 yrs old now and want do higher studies after 2 yrs. Which subject abroad would suit me most at this stage of my career?

NNS Chandra: Do a diploma from a top ivy university. That brand can help you in your career. Require two years of planning and implementation to get in to a school like Harvard or Yale. But possible.

B-Sarkar: My son is doing Dual in CSE @ IIT KGP. What is his prospect in USA as an IT worker with 7 + CGPA ???

NNS Chandra: Wow. Prospects in USA very high.

Shiv Gupta: Hi sir. My son is going BTech (IT) from IP University.

He is not the tops but a better than average student, scoring > 80 per cent in his 3 years of BTech.

He is also preparing for GRE. He wants to pursue MS from USA. How to go about it? And what's the approx. cost involved?

NNS Chandra: It is simple - GRE score, grades and a good SOP! But the path to here is the most challenging.

It requires planning, focus. Possible. But needs to be original, be a good student. NO. YOU MUST BE A GREAT STUDENT AND A AMAZING CANDIDATE. Michigan is one school I can suggest.

vivekanandan: hi my son has completed BE in mechanical eng scoring 7.67 CGPA and has got GRE score of 306.

He just completed 15 days back and wants to apply for next fall. can you pl recommend good university in USA?

NNS Chandra: Before listing universities I would encourage your son to write SOP.

That would give him a perspective, what he wants to do, why he want to do that etc. It will help parents and counsellors better understand and guide.

Bhuvanesh Arasu: Score GRE:299 TOEFL:99 CGPA:6.9 International Paper: 1

I still got rejects from USC,UNCC,Syracuse,NYU Poly,Oklahoma State,University of Oklahoma, Stevens Institute.

Is there any common reason? Im still awaiting reply from UTD,Auburn and RIT. Do I stand any chances now?

NNS Chandra: I am surprised with data you have given. Please send me your SOP, I will review and get back.

PRASHANT KUMAR: Hi Mr Chandra, My daughter is completing BBA very soon, can you please suggest me the college in US for MBA and fee structure.

NNS Chandra: Is she doing a 3 year program or four year bachelors.

College choice depends of several factors - grade, GMAT, ECs etc.

Fees I always recommend a budget of 40000 US $, changes can be based on university, location and person.

If you can send me the details I can probably guide you to more accurate scenarios.

SUNIL MAHOR: Dear Mr. Chandra, I am presently working in Biotech Industry having more than 9 year of RandD experience and my back ground is from Pharmacy. What are the prospect and possible job opportunity in USA for a Senior person like me at the age of 40 year

NNS Chandra: Age is no bar - to get a job, get additional qualifications. Be confident. And being 40 is nothing, my friend. Research would be your trump card. 

Sanjay Viswanadha: I am an MBBS Doctor with 6 plus years of experience and presently working as Drug Safety Physician in TOP MNC and would like to do an MBA in Pharmacovigilance. Which is the best university in USA.Please guide.

NNS Chandra: Excellent topic and focus. It is gaining importance in India also. MBA can be an over kill, in my opinion. I would recommend you to do a certificate or diploma programme. Understand the science and technology on Pharma co-vigilance.

A student of mine from Kerala did a program in Madison (UW) and had a good experience. I would recommend you do a shorter course and then do some internship here in your area. And decide on MBA.

Amit Sahai: Hi Mr Chandra, My son is in 4th year of Bsc (Medical BioTechnology) from Amity University. He wants to pursue MS degree in BioTechnology from either Jhon Hopkins University or University of California. Can u guide me on the formalities...Amit Sahai

NNS Chandra: It is simple - GRE score, grades and a good SOP! But the path to here is the most challenging. Requires planning, focus.

John Hopkins is a top school. So is UC LA or Berkeley, Possible. But needs to be original, be a good student. NO. YOU MUST BE A GREAT STUDENT AND A AMAZING CANDIDATE.

Ranjan Bharti: Yes sir, I want to get into American Medical System and practice in US. Sir kindly guide me and the cost aspect.

NNS Chandra: Please send details as email

VIVEK SHARMA: hi. My son is in std 12. next yr he wants to study Automobile Engg, in US. How to make it possible?

NNS Chandra: Hi Vivek, I can guide him to some top schools where he can learn automobile engg and be successful. Where is he located (city) - Which school- Which programme?

Vikrant-chandra: Sir I want to know the fees for Bsc(chemistry) in delhi university's famous colleges

NNS Chandra: Hi Vikranth. Check this out

Ranjan Bharti: sir, what is the scope for PG from US after MBBS from India. Whats the cost?

NNS Chandra: Hi Rajan,If you are looking to get in American Medical system and practice here question must be answered in a different way.

It is challenging, requires, patience, determination and expensive. But rewards are high.

If you can send me you details I could probably guide you with more clarity.

For example, one of my student (from India) did a course on diabetic, weight management (science, technology and clinic management) here in USA and currently managing a flourishing practice in Mumbai. The answer to your question is you and what you want.

Subrata Sarkar: I did my MBA in Marketing and Currently working in a footwear retail organization as Store Manager. But want to go to USA for Study and Work purpose. Can you please guide me???

NNS Chandra: Absolutely. Yes. I would love to guide you. Send me your details as an email. Will get back.ASAP

Alan George: Dear Mr.Chandra, what is the course in MS, which is currently popular in the US? And how is the job market in US ?

NNS Chandra: If you look at data IT (technology) and computers (science) related courses are still most popular in US universities.

Naturally. Service industry is strong here, health care and other IT support is going through a major revamp.

Engineering jobs and IT related jobs are available, for American citizens and as well as H1B workers.

Things are quite bright and sunny, on job front as of now. I am quoting from Dept of commerce:-)

zubeda-pawaskar: What is the fee structure for PG DIPLOMA of 1 year in Canadian colleges and in universities for indian student .

NNS Chandra: Colleges can be a little cheaper than university for international students in Canada. But there are few options available in colleges.

My experience – one must budget 40 to 45 000 USD for an year for the entire exoenses including travel, books, fees, etc. It can vary from universities to universities. Cities to cities. Person to person.

hardik: What is the ranking of humber college???

NNS Chandra: You mean an University ranking? Humber is a small polytechnic and not listed in University rankings.

It is a good school -- with lots of college degrees and bridge programs. It would be comparing apples to oranges if you rank Humber with universities. Purpose if different. Utility is different. Focus is different.

karan verma: [SKB] My son Is CA and CS and working for few months. He plans to pursue MBA in the USA. Can you guide me?

NNS Chandra: Absolutely. Yes. I would love to. Let me have details.

Shankar Kathurde: I want of perfect statement of purpose for applying in new Zealand.

I'm a science graduate and i am also did two years post graduation in business administration even i also having 8 years experience in banking sector's exchange house. 

NNS Chandra: Yes. SOP is an important document. It shows who you are, why you want to do something or what steps you have taken towards that in recent times.

Your academic and community engagement details etc. And I can see where you are coming from. Please send us your details I can probably have someone guide you towards your perfect SOP.

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